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How To Use A Sheet Mask?

Masking is a great way to look after your skin as a part of your daily skin care routine. In addition to daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing, a regular masking regimen can infuse your skin with nourishment, moisture, and youthful luminosity.

Ayurveda recommends masking or Lepana for its many benefits:

  • To tone skin
  • To restore youth to skin by smoothening fine lines and plumping the skin
  • To infuse deep hydration at a cellular level
  • To bestowa radiant and luminous complexion

Our Sheet masks are serum-soaked organic cotton masks, made from natural fibers. Designed to effortlessly embrace your skin, these are formulated to nourish your skin with moisturizing, hydrating, lifting and illuminating botanicals. These ayurvedic sheet masks provide relief for dry, dull and sun-exposed skin and are great at delivering a concentrated dose of natural ingredients to the skin for instant results.

A misconception about sheet masks is that they are difficult to incorporate into your skincare routine.

In fact, any downtime at home is a great time to start masking. When you are watching TV, reading a book, sitting at your laptop or even doing your hair in the morning—it's a fantastic way to get facial-like results in the convenience of your home, and a great way to give your skincare routine a boost, especially before stepping out for an event.

We also recommend using the Sheet Masks to recover your skin post vacation, from the unwelcome effects of jet lag, pollution and also to assist in removing tan.

ayurvedic sheet masks for all skin types

5 Steps to Luminous Skin

Before selecting a sheet mask, it’s important to understand your skin concern and accordingly use the right one for you. Our Ayurvedic Sheet Masks come in three variants that can be used for any skin type, and each work wonderfully to address different skin concerns. These variants are:

After understanding which mask is right for your concern, you can follow the following steps to use the sheet masks:

how to apply sheet mask

Step -1

Begin with a perfectly clean canvas. Use the Kashmiri Saffron Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser – an award winner and known as the best facial cleanser for oily skin available in India today. If you have a dry skin type, try the Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater Delicate Facial Cleanser. Both of these are SLS and SLES free hence do not strip the natural moisture of your skin during cleansing.

Step –2

Remove the mask from the pouch and gently unfold.

Step -3

Carefully place over the eye area first and then smoothen out across the rest of your face. Lay your sheet mask flat on your face using the eyes, nose and mouth cut-outs as a guide. You can apply the excess serum left in the pack over your neck and your elbows, and save some for the next step.

Step -4

Gently remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and dispose. Massage the serum left over from the step before this, into the skin.

Step -5

End this masking regime with a facial tonic mist as per your skin type. For dry skin, you can use the Rose water Facial Tonic Mist, for combination skin, you can use the Bela facial tonic mist and for Oily skin you can use the Panchpushp facial tonic mist.

Essential Tips:

  • Take ice cubes wrapped in a muslin cloth or muslin cloth soaked in ice cold water and apply over face after removing the Sheet Mask, for best results.
  • Anytime, any day is the rule- One can use one sheet mask daily or 2-3 times a week, as often as you desire.
  • Chilled is better- Place your sheet masks in the refrigerator to enhance their cooling and soothing effects.
  • Longer is not always better –It is not recommended to leave sheet masks on for more than 20 minutes as it may cause the sheetto re-absorb the moisture from the skin, and hence should be avoided.

For the time-pressed individuals, think of Sheet Masking as a shortcut to a facial at the spa; giving you the all the benefits of superior skincare but without the time and expense of heading to the spa.

If you have any other questions regarding Sheet Masks, click to read more.

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