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MULTI-MASKING: 5 Masks for Miraculously Luminous Skin

Ayurveda tells us that balance is most integral to health, beauty and overall well-being. Over the years however, treating skin had almost always become to drench dry skin with oils or dry out every ounce of oil from oily skin to avoid acne. However, this is the source of imbalance in your skin and the array of concerns that result thereafter.

Ayurveda enables us to understand that different parts of your skin have specific needs. For example, someone with a dry skin type might still witness an oily chin and forehead, whereas an oily skin type might experience dry cheeks. The key is to understand your skin and see what works for you best, as opposed to following a one size fits all approach.

This is why the art of multi-masking is one that we highly recommend.

What is Multi-Masking?

Instead of taking a “one and done” approach, the trend of multi-masking involves applying various face masks to different areas of the face, at the same time or consecutively, to treat various skin concerns – think of it as a customized treatment for your skin to attain balance again.

Multi-Masking with Facial Treatment Masques

If you’re craving something extra from your facial products, then multi-masking is the way to go. Our range of natural Face Masks answer all your skincare woes and provide an efficient alternative to visiting a salon every week. These are each inspired by the “Lepas”, or Facial Masques made with pure and natural ingredients that have been a part of Indian skincare since over 5000 years ago. Enriched with active ingredients like Black Himalayan Clay, raw Honey and pure Sandalwood, each of these masques target specific skin concerns and can be used simultaneously on different parts of the face.

For instance,on oily areas of your face, you may want to consider ayurvedic products for oily skin like using a mattifying Face Mask - the Sandalwood and Nagkesar Facial Masque, on dry areas you may use the more nourishing and hydrating Madhulika Honey Lep.

These award winning Facial Masques are packed with a variety of potent herbs and cold pressed organic oils. Enriched with organic raw Honey, Madhulika Honey Lep deeply nourishes, tones and gives an instant glow to the skin while also intensely hydrating dry skin. On the other hand, the Sandalwood and Nagkesar Facial Masque minimizes oily pores, rejuvenates sallow skin and gives a porcelain finish to your skin. With their smooth textures and ease of use, they can be used individually on the parts of your skin that require that specific treatment.

Multi-Masking with Sheet Masks

We recently launched India’s first Ayurvedic Sheet Masks, which are concern specific and can be used on all skin types. Whenever the skin requires an instant boost these make an immediate difference to the texture, feel and look of the complexion. They’re a fantastic way to get facial-like results in the convenience of your home, and to give your daily skincare routine a boost, especially before a special occasion.

There are 3 variants of Sheet Masks- Ojas for Age-Arresting, Tejasvi for Lightening and Brightening, and Sundari for Deep Hydration. Recognizing what your skin requires on any particular day,you can pick the variant most suitable to your concern.Moreover, as these facial masks are for all skin types, one can use a different mask on different days.

How to Multi- Mask using both the Facial Treatment Masques and the Sheet Masks?

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While the Facial Treatment Masques mildly exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin, the Sheet Masks act as a conditioner for the skin. When used together, they result in a glowing complexion and provide the skin with a dewy, plumped and velvety texture.

After exfoliation with one or both of the Facial Treatment Masques, follow by application of the Sheet Mask (read: How to Use a Sheet Mask), to deeply moisturise skin, smoothen out fine lines, and add a youthful luminous sheento skin. Moreover, the sheet masks can be refrigerated and applied after a weekly masking session for a cooling sensation that also minimizes open & oily pores.

With all these various options available to choose from, whether you are looking for oily skin care regime, products for dry skin or skin care for combination skin, you can create your own bespoke multi-masking experience, customized to your skin, right here -

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