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Oily Skin Problems?



Oily Skin Problems?

Not Anymore as Oil is well!

Have you already started worrying about oily skin with the soaring temperatures?



The pitiless summer sun can shine as much as it can with ferocity, this worry wouldn’t last long as Forest Essentials products are coming to your rescue .They will give you the right amount of hydration and the skin will be left clear and oil-free.



Let’s understand the basics here first. A skin whose sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum- the natural oil of your skin is known as an oily skin. The general myth is that the more you wash your face, the lesser the oil gets. It’s actually the opposite!




A reality check now !The more you wash your face with Sulphate cleansers ,the more your skin is stripped off  its natural moisture .This in turn makes the sebaceous glands hyperactive producing large quantities of sebum.


The Result- More Oil on your Skin!!!


Here are some recommendations for balancing the oil content on your skin .Also sharing some interesting facts about the herbs infused in these products.




  • Step 1 -Cleansing


Use Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser in the Morning .It is an SLS/ SLES free Cleanser which does not strip off the natural moisture of your skin. At night time, instead of the Cleanser use theNarangi and NagkesarUbtan . Add chilled Aloe Vera Juice to the Ubtan, mix well and rub gently to remove dirt and excess oil before rinsing it well with chilled water.For those with active acne, apply as a thin film and don’t scrub at all.


Doctor’s Diary:


Neem is a very well known antibacterial .But did you know that Neem or AzadirachtaIndica was called “Azad -dirakht-i-Hind,” meaning ‘the free tree of India’ by Persian Scholars?


  • Step 2 -Toning

Spray a fine mist of Pure Rosewater Facial Tonic Mist during the day as well as the night. This is pure ,fresh Steam Distilled Floral Waters of the finest Roses from Kannauj. Without any alcohol or preservative, it can be sprayed over your make up to set it as well and hydrate the skin for a fresh appearance.



Doctor’s Diary:









  • Did you that Kannauj is known as the ‘Attar Capital of India’ and is famous for its Damask or the highly scented DesiGulab?


  • Step 3- Sealing


Use chilled Pure Aloe Vera Gel to seal the moisture in your skin both during the day and night time.

  • Step 4 -Moisturising during the day and Nourishment during the night.

As I have already mentioned, even an oily skin requires a minimum quantity of oil balance and moisturising! Don’t forget to use theLavendar and Neroli Light Day Lotion with SPF 25 during the day and at the night time, the Jasmine and Patchouli Night Treatment Cream. SPF25 is good enough to protect your skin and more is not necessary.Too high an SPF does not allow your skin to breathe.


Doctor’s Diary:


  • Did you know that the Lavendar Bud is covered in tiny hairs — that is what contains the essential oils?It is a wonderful anti bacterial and helps to reduce acne as well.


Doctor’s Diary:








Last but not the least, remember oily skin has a major benefit. The visible signs of ageing appear at a much later stage in an oily skin. So all those people who’ve always dreaded oily skin woes can now relax and sing –“Oil is well” as with all these wonderful herb infused products, you should be well equipped to tackle any oily skin issues.


Dr.Ipsita, Ayurveda Expert




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