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The Ultimate Sensory Experience: Incense



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In Ayurveda, the guiding tenet is the harmony of the body, mind, soul and senses: This is what forms “Ayu” or life. The senses are described as the gatekeepers of the passage connecting the five elements, the “Panchmahabutas”, to the body, mind and soul, and are thus fundamental to achieving their harmony.

The essence of the same has pervaded Indian culture, especially Hinduism, since time immemorial. For instance, the traditional act of worship, “Puja”, is truly a multi experience, in which the idea is to create an atmosphere, where the devotee can concentrate his or her mind and body towards his devotion and to communicate his prayers to the deities.

Traditionally, the use of Incense, “Dhupa”, has been a requisite for Pujas and other religious ceremonies. The fragrance emitted from the incense creates an environment of sanctity, as it dispels unpleasant aromas as well as the toxic energy associated with it.

The omnipresence of aromas is central to many such sensory experiences of India: right from Monsoon showers in the backdrop of warm Masala Chai; the redolence of Marigold flowers and Sandalwood Incense ornamenting a wedding Mandap or Puja; the whiff of fresh jasmine from thick, oiled, wavy tresses of hair; or the pure scents of Ittar, that instill an aura of aristocracy. Our sense of smell ushers in a myriad of emotions and memories, essential to our very being.

Ayurveda relates that aromas hold great healing capacity, which is the foundation of Aromatherapy: the ultimate sensory experience. A tranquil environment, delicate fragrances exuded by incense sticks and essential massage oils, when inhaled and applied to the skin ring in concentration and discipline for the mind, body and soul.

The direct transfer of aromas through our sense of smell, to the olfactory nerves of the nose, instantly affects the area of the brain responsible for the processing and storage of emotions and memories: precisely how Aromatherapy affects our mental states.

At Forest Essentials, our aromatic products are designed to indulge you in a pure, and specialized sensory experience. Our Incense collection, includes variants to create a multitude of aromatic environments and serve a plethora of therapeutic benefits.

For instance, the base powder in all our incenses is pure Sandalwood, scientifically known to improve mental clarity and attention, and ghee is used as a binder ,not commercial chemical binders that are commonly used.

Scroll on to delve into our range of Aromatic Incense sticks, now available online.

Guggul: The scent from the resin of the Guggul tree creates a restful and peaceful atmosphere, increases positivity and purifies the surroundings.
Loban: For centuries, fragrant resin crystals of Loban have been burnt in temples all over India, for a peaceful ambience
Mattipal: “Matti” translates to the fragrant sap of the Peepal or "Bodhi" tree, beneath which the Buddha achieved realization while seated in meditation. The aromatic smoke of the incense, creates a deeply soothing atmosphere.
Sambrani: A herbal mix made with a blend of resins, this incense reportedly enhances meditation by energizing the brain cells. It is derived from the fragrant sap of the Sal Tree, and has been used in spiritual ceremonies since ancient times,for calm serenity .
Durga Rose: The fragrance of the deeply scented Durga rose creates a calm ambience, increases positivity and is mood elevating.
The incense sticks are 100% natural, free from Carbon and Synthetic additives, and hand rolled by the local village women of the area. For those seeking a holistic and effective therapy experience, explore the Forest Essentials range of Body Massage and Essential Oils, for ultimate sensory relaxation and well-being.



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