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Do You Really Need an Eye Cream?

If Eye Creams and Gels are still at the bottom of your skincare-beauty list, it’s time we demystify some myths hazing our eyes.

Prioritizing eye care is necessary as the skin under the eye is always the first to lose its firmness, thus showing early signs of fine lines. It is important to understand that all the “richness” of any cream lies in the quality and properties of its ingredients. Even though you may possess the most potent age-defying elixirs, serums or moisturizers, their ingredients may not essentially work like the ones specifically curated for the eyes.

Eye care cream ayurvedic

Feeding the thinnest, most delicate skin on your face only with a regular night cream, isn’t enough. To completely prevent the fine lines, pigmentation and loss of elasticity that the area around your eyes is specifically vulnerable to, a nourishing Eye Cream or Eye Gel is a must have in your night skincare essentials. Forest Essentials’ Eye creams are formulated with ingredients that specifically address concerns related to the eyes, for instance Papaya to prevent fine lines, Potato Starch to deeply hydrate, and Cucumber to tone & refresh.

Here we have curated a guide to eye care for you to find the best eye cream to add to your skin care routine.

Which Eye Cream Should I be Using?

To Prevent Aging of Skin Around the Eyes

According to Ayurveda, what you apply on your skin becomes food for your skin. Treatments like the Intensive Eye Cream With Anise are nutrient rich with anti-oxidants including Aniseed and a special collection of herbs for the eyes called ‘Chakshushya’ in Ayurveda, which help nourish and smooth the dry and dehydrated lines around the eyes.

To Refresh, Repair & Brighten Skin Around the Eyes

Skin around the eye loses hydration fastest, even though it may not show dryness like that on the cheeks or other parts of our face.

Hydrating Facial Gel

To retain that precious, long lasting hydration that keeps the under eye area moisturized, we recommend the Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel with its healing & water retaining properties. Made with an infusion of herbs blended within steam distilled Rose water and Vitamin E, this eye gel has instant cooling, brightening and toning properties, to overcome strained eyes from a busy, working day. It is best applied chilled right out of the refrigerator to enhance the cooling effect.

How to Use your Eye Cream or Eye Gel?

To get the best out of your hardworking Eye Gel or Eye Cream, take some on your ring finger and gently massage in circles under and around the eye, to soothe and firm your skin. Pro tip: Use at night before you apply your usual night treatment cream.
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