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A Post Vacation Detox for Jetlagged Skin

While taking a vacation to relax and unwind, from time to time, is crucial for our overall well-being, it can at times be difficult for our skin. Jet lag can make even the most exotic vacations leaving you feeling totally out of control when it comes to the mood of your skin. A disturbance in your sleep-wake cycle, lack of sufficient moisture, dehydrated skin, puffiness under the eyes, chapped lips and dullness of the skin are a part of the extra baggage that your skin tends to carry with it on the way back from travel.

post vacation skincare tips

Here are some important post vacation skincare tips for you to reset jetlagged skin:

1. Hydrate your skin from inside out

Due to low humidity inside the cabin and re-circulation of air throughout the cabin, flying tends to decrease blood flow to the skin’s surface and dehydrate the skin. Ultimately, not only does dry skin become more dry but oily skin tends to breakout because the skin produces extra oil to compensate for the sudden dryness.

For apt hydration during travel, try the Forest Essentials Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel for the under eye area. This Hydra Eye Gel is healing, soothing and hydrating, as it contains a mixture of delicate herbs which are infused in steam distilled Rose water and fresh Aloe Vera gel. You can dab this gel lightly around eye area to soothe and firm on a long flight.

hydrating hydra gel

In addition to the delicate eye region, the lips tend to face dryness and lack of moisture. Look for organic lip balms that are free from synthetic chemicals and petroleum. The Forest Essentials Natural Lip Balms contain fresh sugared Rose Petals, Orange glaze, and Kokum Butter soaked in raw Honey and Beeswax to protect your lips.

Hydration of facial skin is incomplete without Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mists. These are infused with the steam distilled water of intensely hydrating Indian flowers, to counter the dehydrating effects of long travel. Choose from the Rosewater Facial Tonic Mist infused with the Desi Gulab from Kannauj, the Panchpushp Facial Tonic Mist prepared with Saffron, Kewda, Rose, Marigold and Jasmine flowers, or the Bela Facial Tonic Mist with the most fragrant variety of the Madurai Jasmine flower family.

Ensuring your skin stays hydrated and moisturized using pure, fresh and high quality Ayurvedic skin care products is one essential step, go another step ahead by drinking room temperature water regularly throughout the day to counter balance dehydration of the skin. Keep water in a copper jug to retain essential minerals.

You can also take water in the form of herbal teas, and add some cooling and uplifting mint leaves for a more revitalizing effect.

rosewater facial tonic mist2. Allow your skin to breathe

Removing the dead cells of your skin after a long travel is crucial, as it allows your skin to both breathe and absorb nutrients from your skin care better for more efficacious results. Exfoliation with a delicate scrub is what you need here.

For Body care, we recommend the Cane Sugar and Tamarind Body Polisher, which contains real Cane Sugar crystals soaked in a sparkling blend of citrus oils and pure Tamarind pulp.

It deeply penetrates the skin as well as detoxifies and re-energizes the skin to impart a youthful and fresh complexion. In fact, it gives you the same benefits that you get from dry brushing (also recommended by Ayurveda) without stripping your skin of moisture.

For Facial care, it is necessary to select the exfoliator according to your skin type. For Oily skin, the Revitalizing Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub helps in removing dead cells and impurities without disturbing the oil balance of the skin. It’s recipe includes finely milled walnuts that are excellent exfoliators in a base of pure, soothing Aloe Vera Gel. Apply once or twice a week to smoothen and tone the skin.

One of our bestselling skincare products for dry skin is the Hand pounded Organic Fruit Scrub, which is made of fresh organically grown herbs and the Rasa of fermented fruits. It gently exfoliates dull and dead skin cells, to reveal a beautifully polished and glowing complexion.

3. Take the time to soothe and nourish your skin.

soundarya beauty body oil

After exfoliating, it’s necessary to give your skin plenty of nourishment as a part of your post vacation skincare. A massage with the Forest Essentials extra rich, cold pressed oils is excellent to nourish and tone the skin.

These body massage oils, are enhanced with pure, aromatic Essential Oils. These highly concentrated and fragrant oils are present in very minute quantities in certain plants. The unique essence of the plant or flower oils could be calming or uplifting depending on the fragrance you choose from: from the heady aroma of the Kannauj Rose, the sensual scent of the Madurai Jasmine flower to the woody fragrance of Mysore Sandalwood.

A few drops of these precious Essential Oils are added to the base oils of hand pressed Black Sesame and Sweet Almond, which enhance their therapeutic and healing properties. A warm massage with any of these oils, flushes toxins from the body, tones and relaxes the muscles, prevents cellular ageing and adds youthful lustre to the skin.

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