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Come, Drink The Moonlight...


Come, drink the Moonlight...

“The moon was reigning over the world, glowing in its full splendour to all those willing to look up”

From the five elements of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, the naturally occurring night and day cycles, to the shift in seasons; Ayurveda reads that our body and soul must be aligned with the rhythms of the universe, in order for one to reflect inner vitality as well as outer beauty.

In India, several Pujas, such as the Ekadashi and Purnima, are dedicated to the lunar cycles. Devotees herald the belief that just as the Moon controls the currents of the ocean’s tides, it influences us through the water in our bodies and hence must be worshipped. In addition, the Vedas describe the moon as Sarvamaya or “one with absolute power”, due to its all - pervading potential and captivating presence.

The significance and splendour of the Moon thus becomes essential to health and beauty as seen over the centuries. The full moon light is considered near magical in its ability to cool the body as well as balance emotions by calming the hot and fiery Pitta dosha- which tends to dominate our nature during the summer. It is said that a walk under the moonlight can powerfully calm one’s emotions and decrease bodily heat.

Taking note from ancient wisdom and engaging with the potency of the Moon, here is the ultimate elixir to add to your skin care in summer:

On a full moon night, take a vessel made of silver and fill it with cold milk. Add fresh rose petals to the milk and place it, for several minutes, in the direction of the moonlight such that you are able to see the light’s reflection in the milk.

The powerful photons emitted by the moonlight activate the cooling effects of the silver, rose and milk to make this the ideal drink for hot summer nights and day. Over time, regularly drinking this, will also leave your complexion naturally radiant and effortlessly flawless.




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