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4 Products For A Gleaming Skin After Holi!



4 Products for a Gleaming Skin after Holi!

Every festival in India is a celebration that brings together families and friends. Holi or the festival of colours is one such unanimous celebration that is now beyond religion, culture or even its origin. Every year on the onset of spring, everybody indulges in this one last burst of outdoor activity before summer sets in. Traditionally, Holi was played withcolours extracted from dried flowers, plants and herbs. However with evolving times, these natural colours slowly descended while pigments, dyes gained popularity. True that there were now a lot of variations available in colour but the damage done by these harsh synthetic chemicals is almost irreversible.Even if you cannot avoid the colours that are used to play, you can prepare your skin to not be affected by them.


  1. Start by covering your body with Body massage oil with the base of black sesame oil that will form a layer over your skin to not allow chemical colours to penetrate in. You can apply this on your face as well. Black sesame oil also has a natural feature of sun protection. Choose your preferred fragrance from our range so that you remain fragrant even if you play the dirtiest of Holi (even rotten tomato won’t take you down).

  2. Haircare is another important aspect as long hours of hair soaked in coloured water can leave your hair rough and dry. Oil your hair intensely by massaging it in your scalp. If you have the time, wrap a warm towel around it so the oil seeps into your scalp and moisture settles in before you step out.

  3. After playing, wash your body with a sugar enriched soap that will attract moisture to dry and dehydrated skin. The Lemongrass soap has a natural loofah that further helps you remove those stubborn colourpigments.

  4. The final key product is a body polisher. Sea salt crystals and essential oils are a final touch of exfoliation and moisture for your skin. These fine granules remove dead cells andchemical colours from your body leaving it open to breath once again.

From all of us at Luxuriously Yours, we wish you a happy, safe and spotlessHoli!

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Debapriya Ghosh
PR & Blog Editor for Forest Essentials




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