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What You Need To Know About Turmeric This Summer


What You Need To Know About Turmeric This Summer

Turmeric powder

A classic grandmother’s remedy for building immunity, the golden, ginger-like, Turmeric spice has been used widely for centuries as both food and medicine. In Indian wedding celebrations, the use of Turmeric is of paramount importance. The pre-wedding ceremony – “Haldi”, “Tel Baan” or “Manjha”, of applying Turmeric on the bride and groom’s face is believed to be auspicious and bestows exceptional radiance to the skin.

The spice has a multitude of benefits to offer, delaying the aging process, preventing wrinkles to curing stretch marks, from treating pigmentation to soothing burns, from fighting obesity to building immunity; this miracle spice should be befriended without second thought.

Haldi as ayurvedic skincare product

This multi-tasking spice was traditionally used to dye robes and till date clothes dyed with turmeric are worn by children in South-West India to mark the festival of Onam, possibly due to the association of its vibrant yellow color with that of Lord Krishna.

Turmeric is one of the most vital ingredients used in Ayurvedic Skin care products. We use fresh Turmeric in our extensive collection of skin care and body care products. Forest Essentials Body polisher Sandalwood & Turmeric, Ultra-Rich Body Lotion Soundarya, Eladi Teenage Day Cream, Night Treatment Creams are some of our summer skin care products that are infused with the miracle spice Turmeric.

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