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Raising the Bar –The Silk Infused Soaps

Silk Infused Soaps

It was a batch of freshly churned, aromatic and hand cut soaps that were the first protégé of Forest Essentials.

While these butter soaps made their waves in bringing back to life the luxurious soap bars that our grandparents were accustomed to, it is the Silk Infused Soaps that go the extra mile- or rather take a dip through rare, ancient recipes and methodologies to raise the bar, to make this far beyond a soap!

Using the finest natural ingredients and blends with authentic Ayurvedic rituals, the making of these rare delicacies incorporates unique processes including a Ghee wash, a pure Silk infusion and an authentic, old-fashioned cold process that helps to retain the essential fatty acids in the soap – all crafted by local artisans at Forest Essentials’ workshops in Rishikesh.

ghee wash

Spring water is first added to pure Cows Ghee and is churned thoroughly by hand, constantly removing excess water and straining it through very fine muslin cloth. Timed with precision, this is repeated at least 20 times to get a very fine, light quality of Ghee that allows its molecules to be easily absorbed by the skin.

Natural Silk is then dissolved in the soap, a closely guarded secret formula, which gives it a silken texture & consistency. Pure, natural spring water, fresh herbal infusions and steam distilled essential oils are then added to further enrich the concoction; cold-pressed, organic oils of Almond, Coconut and Castor for glow and moisture; Kokum Butter regenerates and nourishes skin; Ashwagandha brings life and increases immunity; Mulethi to refine the skin’s texture; the purest Sandalwood paste and fine Lac oil to clarify the skin.

The soaps are rested for 12 weeks to retain all their properties to an optimal level and this process obtains the most superior quality soaps, which also gives an exceptional satin sheen to the soap– akin to how your skin will look upon using them.

Finally, the soaps are carefully cut and packaged by hand in gossamer fine butter paper, and sealed to capture the therapeutic virtues of their precious ingredients, benefits and aromas.

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