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Food For Hair: Bhringraj

Bhringraj hair care treatment

In ancient India, bathing rituals were elaborate and special emphasis was given to hair care. Apprentices would collect all the ingredients that an Ayurvedic physician used to prescribe, which included leaves of the Brahmi plant, Jatamansi (or spikenard), Amla, and many others.

All these herbs and roots were then soaked in Coconut oil for a day or two until the oil became green. The herb enriched oil was then blended over slow fire for a residual paste, which was then strained to be applied onto hair every night.

ayurvedic ingredients

Such herbal pastes were warmed and stored in copper vessels which imparted their own nutritional properties to the oil.

One such herbal paste was made using Bhringraj oil -also known as ‘Food for Hair’. Named for its deeply nourishing properties, Indians have used Bhringraj oil for hair growth and lustrous tresses for centuries.

While such elaborate rituals may seem a cumbersome exercise in today’s world, the quest for healthy and natural, beautiful hair still remains the same, and Ayurvedic skincare products promise you the same.

Think of the Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer as a ritual in an easy to use compact bottle. Designed to stimulate hair growth and restore vitality of hair, this multifunctional hair spray is enriched with Ayurvedic herbal extracts, which deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits and strengthen hair follicles. It is a clear, light honey coloured liquid which can be sprayed on the scalp every day between shampoos. It’s non sticky texture and ease of use also makes it a great hand bag companion among the rest of your summer beauty essentials.

It promises stimulating hair growth, improving the structure, increasing volume of the hair and strengthening the hair to resist damage! Is it any wonder then that it won the “Best Scalp Treatment” Vogue Beauty Award?

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