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Effortless New Year's Resolutions For A Beautiful You



Effortless New Year's Resolutions For A Beautiful You

This New Year you are of course going to party, stay up and eat a lot of junk food. Well, why not? It is a new beginning for life and it should be celebrated. But did you know that you can do all this and still look fresh and fabulous all year long! Include some simple tips or just modify your current habits.

Here are 5 easy hacks that will fit into your daily schedule and help you fly through twenty- sixteen looking absolutely stunning:

  • As clichéd as it is, we cannot stress the importance of drinking plenty of water. Let’s not put a cap on how much you must drink but here is a way of drinking often. Keep small bottles on your office desk, side tables at home, car & your handbag. If you can make the effort, keep water overnight in a copper container and distribute into small bottles. This water is super charged for your health.
  • Cut stress! Stress triggers the process of ageing. Although it is easier said than done with today’s hectic life, we could help you in some way. Use our aromatherapy based oils in Stress Relief (Lime, Lavender and Peppermint) to keep your stress levels in check. Also, Peppermint from this helps in curing nausea and all your hangover mood plummets after the crazy New Year party. We know it just became a must-have.
  • On weekends, include some warm body massages in your regime. Use readily available at home Desi ghee which will soften and provide intense moisture to your skin. A secret for all the ladies, mix a tbsp of warm Desi ghee in your massage oil which will give baby soft skin & reduces hair growth.
  • Make it a habit to not touch your face. Your hand may contain germs that you do not want on your face. Apart from making your skin blotchy, it is seriously unhealthy.
  • Lastly, use a lot of natural perfumes. Since, we use them almost every day, they must be 100% alcohol free or the most pure steam distilled floral waters. Like Princess Nur Jahan, you can also add fresh Rose water petals to your bath water or more convenient, add a drop of Indian Rose Absolute Bath and Shower oil to your bath water to layer a natural fragrance of your skin.

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- By Debapriya Ghosh
For Forest Essentials India




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