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Forest Essentials’ New Solid perfumes

Solid perfumes, with their rich creamy base, offer a highly aromatic and a convenient alternative to their liquid counterparts – the perfumes and colognes. From mobility to ease-of-use, these natural perfumes in new pocket-sized jars hold a list of impressive benefits. What differentiates solid perfumes from liquid perfumes is that these are perfumes extracted from nature’s most fragrant flowers, infused in a base of Mango and Mahua butters and micro crystallized Beeswax that are allowed to solidify.The fragrance of Solid Perfumes lasts longer than that of liquid perfumes after each application, as they do not evaporate as swiftly as their liquid counterparts.

The Making of Solid Perfumes: Enfleurage

Enfleurage is a method of perfume extraction typically used with delicate flowers whose scent cannot be preserved very well by other methods such as steam distillation or tincturing. This tedious and age old process involves leaving freshly picked flowers in a base of Mahua & Mango Butter, spread across a glass chassis,for a prolonged period of time.

After three or four days, the flower’s fragrance infuses the butters and then it is changed to fresh lot of flowers. This is done at intervals for over a month, after which the scent is completely drenched in the creamy base and hence is labor-intensive and time-consuming in nature due to the artisan attention to detail that goes into making each perfume.

Intrinsically Indian Always

As the pioneer for all things natural and luxurious, Forest Essentials uses this elaborate method to extract essential oils from the delicate Parijat and Raat Ki Rani flowers and captures it in the form of fragrant solid perfumes. These mesmerizing floral fragrances are presented in a beautiful gold case that can easily be carried in your purse for regular fragrant touch-ups, if required, and also make for a precious personalized gifting option.

Solid Perfume Parijat

Parijat is a beautiful plant with flowers that fall on the ground soon after they bloom. These highly fragrant flowers open at night perfuming the surrounding area with an intensely sweet floral aroma. They fall from the branches at the first rays of the sun, carpeting the earth with their fragile white beauty.According to Indian Mythology, Lord Krishna is said to have brought the Parijat plant from heaven to earth. It is believed that the Lord planted the tree in such a way that at the dawn of the day, the beautiful fragrant flowers showered onto his lover Rukhmini’s courtyard – a symbol of his intense love for her.The fragrant flowers from the Parijat plant are also known for their purity and are often used as sacred temple offerings to the Gods and Goddesses. Their enchanting fragrance uplifts one’s mood throughout the day.

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Solid Perfume Raat Ki Rani

These star-shaped green and white flowers are well-known in our mythology for being one of the most fragrant plants in India which lingers like a scented mist in the air around their flowering tree every night. It is said that the Sun-God broke the heart of a beautiful innocent girl who passed away in grief and gained immortality with this deeply scented flower. She thereafter only spread her fragrance at night, refusing to reveal her beauty in the presence of the Sun. Also known as Night Blooming Jasmine, the flower’s intoxicating fragrance conjures up the image of a romantic evening, and elates the senses. Its fragrance is also scientifically linked to an increase in mental energy, sensuous attraction, and joy.

How to use Solid Perfumes?

These 100% natural and alcohol free formulations can be dabbed onto the wrists, décolletage or anywhere you prefer on the skin for a sensuous lingering fragrance, for day or for night.

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