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A 100% Natural Multi-Purpose Moisturizer for All Your Skincare Concerns

Tejasvi Emulsion Lightening and Brightening cream

Moisturizing is an essential step in maintaining naturally soft and glowing skin. Ayurveda provides various natural solutions to alleviate drying Vata tendencies, and to enhance the skin’s suppleness and elasticity without polluting the body with chemicals.

One of the most powerful ingredients that Ayurveda recommends for an overall well-being is Ghee, a form of clarified butter that is, in fact, a panacea of sorts in Ayurveda.

Benefits of using Ghee in your Skincare:

Benefits of using Ghee

Massaging with pure Ghee is suggested in order to cure imbalances of the Vata dosha. Vata skin needs plenty of natural moisture and oil to keep it supple, maintain elasticity and a youthful sheen, therefore Ghee is an excellent anti-aging moisturizer.

The fatty acids in Ghee encourage deep hydration and make even the most dry of skins soft and supple by sinking deep into the skin. It’s nourishing properties also help to lighten and brighten the complexion when used regularly.

Although Ghee based products are not recommended to use on active acne, after it subsides massages can help to eradicate post acne scars.

About the Tejasvi Facial Emulsion

Owing to its exceptional properties, Cow’s Ghee is the key ingredient or Yohavahi for herbs in Forest Essentials renowned Lightening and Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion. Not only does it possess supreme penetrating qualities, but also absorbs actives of other herbs present in the facial emulsion deep into the skin.

This Ayurvedic skin lightening and brightening emulsion contains potent herbs like Kasturi Manjal, Peepal and Banyan leaves, which are very effective antioxidant agents that help in reducing the damaging effect of free radicals in the atmosphere. Specific brightening herbs like Akashneem and Jivantial so leave the skin healthy, and flawless with a radiant glow.

Regular massages with the Ghee based Tejasvi Emulsion can help reverse signs ageing by many years, as it boosts collagen production in skin. The Emulsion enhances elasticity of the skin, leaving it toned, supple and youthful with a noticeably soft resilient and ‘plumped’ quality, and a luminous glow or “Tejas”. Did you also know that the benefits of Ghee increase with its age? Aged ghee is particularly treasured in Ayurveda because it is said to reduce imbalances of all three doshas, and this is the base ingredient used to prepare the Tejasvi Emulsion.

How to use the Tejasvi Emulsion as per your Skin Type?

Forest Essentials’ Ayurvedic doctors recommend using the Tejasvi Emulsion differently for different skin types so that the purifying, brightening, moisturizing and nourishing qualities can be optimized.

For Dry Skins – the Emulsion can be massaged into the skin for 15-20 minutes, two to three times a week, after cleansing with an Ubtan of your choice mixed with milk. It should then be wiped off with a hot towel, and then gently rubbed with an ice cube or splashed with cold water. Finish with a spray of the Rosewater Facial Tonic Mist.

For Oily Skins – Massage the Emulsion once a week, and then use the Organic Fruit Scrub to wash it off with warm water or a hot towel followed by a spritz of the chilled Bela Facial Tonic Mist.

For Combination Skins – The Emulsion is recommended to be used once or twice a week, after cleansing with the an Ubtan of your choice mixed with Yoghurt. It should then be wiped off with a hot towel, and then gently rubbed with an ice cube or splashed with cold water. Finish with a chilled spray of the Panchpushp Facial Tonic Mist.

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