Lightening and Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion

Lightening and Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion
Lightening and Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion

This unique Emulsion removes blemishes and pigmentation by combining the potent properties of age-old Ayurvedic herbs, pure whole cream cow's ghee, sweet Almond oil, virgin Coconut oil and Kokum butter blended with purifying and skin lightening and brightening herbs, root and flower extracts.

The base of pure Cow's milk 'Ghee', which is aged to extract the desired benefits, instantly provides extraordinary lighting of the skin tone and brightening of the skin.

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Product Benefits

With regular massage, the skin acquires a noticeably soft, fairer, resilient and 'plumped' quality with a radiant glow or “Tejas”.


How to use


Apply on clean damp skin.

Take a small quantity and massage well on the face and neck area for 10-15 minutes.

Dab off the excess with a hot towel, followed by a facial scrub or cleanser. (In case of very dry skin, a scrub is not required.)

Use chilled floral toner or splash cold water to tone and seal the skin.

Special Ingredients

Cow Milk Kasturi manjal Organic Beeswax Saffron

  • Making Of the Product

    This extraordinary product takes many months to prepare, as it is first processed from “Ghee” made with Cow's milk. Cow's milk is much finer and lighter in texture than the more creamy Buffalo milk, and requires much more milk to make a small amount of Ghee. This Ghee is then “aged” according to Ayurvedic texts, with pure Saffron, and mixed with potent herbs like Jivanti for firming & toning, Manjistha for refining skin texture, Cluster Fig for clarity and Kasturi Manjal for smoothness and elasticity. This is mixed into earthenware pots and buried beneath Banyan trees for about 2 months. It is then cooked on a slow fire with the addition of some fresh Cow's milk, virgin Coconut oil and fresh Rose petals.



FOREST ESSENTIALS Lightening and Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion REVIEWS

  • It is an amazing emulsion for the face. it has shown its wonders on my skin only after one trial. I am very very happy with this home facial balm. it smells a bit unpleasant but I guess that is because it is natural and it smells of ghee. But it does a great job on the skin and instantly provides a natural radiance and sheen. I will most likely purchase it again.
    Review by Dhani / (Posted on 4/24/2018)
  • This emulsion smells like ghee but the effects are very very good..However, make sure you use it according to your skin type as it has to be used differently for each skin type.
    Review by Komal / (Posted on 4/16/2018)
  • Highly highly recommend everyone to try this emulsion. It gives such a beautiful glow to your skin!
    Review by Kiran Mahajan / (Posted on 3/5/2018)
  • I recently bought my first Forest Essential product after one of my friend recommended it to me. Just after using it for a week, my skin tone has become fairer. It actually made my skin softer. In love with it.
    Review by Soumya Goenka / (Posted on 2/2/2018)
  • This product has completely transformed my complexion. I suffer from very oily skin however not using any moisturiser has taken its toll on my skin over the years. I was lookin for something that would bring back the glow and plump up the skin. This has worked beautifully for me. I use it 3 times a week before bedtime massaging my face as recommended for no more than 5 minutes and when I wake up my skin feels soft, radiant and has significantly reduced signs of ageing. Also a little goes a long way so this product is very good value for money. I highly recommend it.
    Review by S. Strandberg / (Posted on 1/14/2018)
  • I was introduced to this product at the time I was getting married. Being an Indian bride , the idea of a product lightening and brightening my skin excited me and so i decided to buy it. It was one of the best decision i have made for my skin , it not only brightens the skin but it makes it glow!
    Review by Pooja / (Posted on 12/29/2017)
  • It is like my knight in shining armor when my skin goes dry like a dessert. Absolutely love it!
    Review by Aastha / (Posted on 12/29/2017)
  • True to its name and description
    Very few times do you actually come across products that live up to their claims. I'm happy I found this, as it works for me. Used this as a mid step in a DIY facial at home followed by a homemade scrub and also used this as "keep overnight facial mask post massage" - worth investing in. The ingredients list is impressive and 100% effective as all the ingredients are natural bio-active ingredients. I use this with lukewarm milk, makes it easy to use this paste and rub it in the skin pores. Be regular with its applications to actually see results.
    Review by Disha. P / (Posted on 5/21/2017)
  • it leaves your skin soft,smooth and bright.
    just started using this product and see a visible difference in my leaves your skin soft,smooth and bright.
    Review by kiara / (Posted on 5/15/2017)