Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir

Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir
Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir

This specialty product is an intensive everyday repair and protective ayurvedic formulation.

The formulation is an enriched version of natural sebum, which instantly penetrates and plumps the skin and includes the Sanjeevani herb infusion which, is a renowned for its rejuvenating properties.

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Product Benefits

Sebum is a natural oil, secreted by the sebaceous glands in skin that lubricates and protects the skin.


Why should you use Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir


It can be used on its own under a moisturizer, or as a makeup primer for achieving a velvet skin.








Special Ingredients

Anantmool Ashwagandha Nagkesar Sanjeevani

  • Making Of the Product

    To make this unique product we incorporate the four Traditional Ayurvedic processes defined in Charak Smhita and Sharangadhara Samhita Hima Kashaya Kalpana. According to the Charaka, Himor Sheet Kashaya is done using the infusion of predetermined herbs, soaked in cold water overnight to absorb the rays of the moon – Ref. Charak Samhita.




  • I'm using this product from last 4 months.One of my fav product from FE.Love it:)
    One of the best product from FE
    Review by Jaya / (Posted on 12/15/2016)
  • This is one of my most fav products.
    This is one of my most fav products. It tones skin and is an effective antiaging product once used regularly over helps with overall complexion like clear skin and pigmented patches when used with FE tejasvi emulsion and tejasvi ubtan..I hv felt a great positive change in my skin after using all this over time..but at the same time their cost is a look for the discount sale
    Review by Jessy / (Posted on 9/4/2016)
  • Sanjeevani of skin
    very well nourish the skin no oily improve face complaction.. love it
    Review by inndu / (Posted on 8/27/2016)
  • Love Forest Essentials
    This is one of my most favourite product. It tones skin and is an effective anti aging product once used regularly over time.
    Review by Subhra / (Posted on 6/17/2016)
  • Awesome product!
    I got this product from Forest Essentials online store. Smells heavenly and good quality. Love it.
    Review by Julie / (Posted on 6/16/2016)
  • Excellent product! When will it be available in 50 ml ? Need I say more?
    Lovely lotion cream with wonderful fragrance. Gives skin a soft , warm and creamy glow . However, if skin is dry 30ml does not go a long way ..
    Review by Gayle / (Posted on 6/13/2016)
  • Fantastic
    I am using this product from last 6 years...and i love effects of this product. It helps u to enhance the beauty and glow of your face
    Review by Shruti / (Posted on 5/24/2016)
  • Perfect anti aging products
    Remarkably light day lotion!!! With its anti aging properties my skin has become super soft and smooth.
    Review by Trisha / (Posted on 4/22/2016)
  • The sanjeevani beauty elixir is very good anti-ageing product
    I have combination skin This product is not too oily and gets absorbed really fast. I use it like a serum. It has a mild herbal smell which disappears after a few minutes. It's a smooth and rich cream that acts very well on fine lines and wrinkles.
    Review by Kala / (Posted on 3/15/2016)
  • Love it.
    This day cream has all natural extracts and is especially made for anti-ageing regime. After 2 months of continuous use, my skin became clearer, very radiant and the lines or wrinkles became less visible over time. This also prevented other fine lines from deepening. The pigmentation lightened a bit but did not completely go away. The skin became more toned and elasticity increased within these 2 months. I love it!
    Review by Mily / (Posted on 12/7/2015)

Media Review

    Be Beautilicious


    "I am always on the hunt for good skin care products. Coming from South India, I have always believed in the benefits for Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Products. And after having such a good experience with the Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Serum, I decided to look for a good day cream with anti-aging properties with the same brand itself. Even though I do not have lines and wrinkles on my face yet (Thank God!), but the pigmentation and dullness which became more enhanced over the past few years was definitely a concern for me. I thought this is the right time to invest in anti-aging skin care products. I tried the sample of Forest Essentials Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir first and was convinced to go ahead and buy the full size." Read more.