References from:

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In Ayurveda we believe that everything in this universe is created from the five basic elements or Panchamahabhutas. Even man is created from these five basic elements and they represent the five senses and their respective organs in a human being. This can be depicted in the form of the "INDRIYA PANCHA PANCHAKA" OR the “FIVE PENTADS OF SENSES".

Determined for each individual by his own past actions and made up of the five elements, is born the human body, the medium through which pleasure and pain are experienced.

At Forest Essentials, our products embody this philosophy of the Panchmabutas and are pleasing to all 5 senses as illustrated below:

Five Senses Five Basic Elements Five Sense Organs Five Sense Objects Forest Essential Products
1. Hearing Space Ears Sound Products are made while chanting so vibrations are absorbed in the product.
2. Touching Air Skin  Touch The sensual textures of our products
3. Seeing Fire Eyes Vision Visual appeal and colour of our products and packaging
4. Tasting Water Tongue Taste Our products have optimal herb extracts
5. Smelling Earth Nose Smell The unique fragrances of our products