Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi

Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi
Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi
Khajoor or Rakhtphal

An Ancient formulation from the early 17th Century , prepared according to the Vedic Shastras based on the theory of Panchmahabutas, which means that it appeals to all the five senses.

Pure and fresh ingredients including sweet almond oil, precious flower, herb and root infusions, fermented Litchi juice and Date extracts are known to be effective in rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin.

Specific mantras are chanted while the cream is mixed by hand.

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Product Benefits

This fast-penetrating formula of fermented juices with Date & Litchi extracts is rich in antioxidants, provides nourishment and elasticity to the skin. It visibly softens lines, fine lines and other signs of ageing.

How to use

This product should be applied after cleansing and toning at night while skin is at rest to maximize the benefits.


Take a small quantity of the cream and apply on the face and neck area with upward strokes for 1-2 minutes. Can be used with a few drop of Soundarya Serum to optimize very dry skin.

Why should you use Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi

Eternal youth formula is based on the theory of Panchmahabutas which means that it is pleasing to all the five sensesThis is an ancient formulation from the 17th century & is prepared according to Vedic Shashtras, in the Himalayas 100% natural.

Special Ingredients

Date Genhu Kasturi manjal Litchi

  • Making Of the Product

    Eternal youth formula contains Date and Litchi fruit which are soaked in pure Rose water in clay pots buried under the ground to ferment. It also contains potent Ayurvedic anti ageing herbs, roots & Saffron to make a formula which attracts and retains moisture while firming and toning the skin. While the cream is hand mixed, Mantras are chanted so that positive energy gets imbibed into the product.



FOREST ESSENTIALS Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi REVIEWS

  • amazing product..... excellent result
    Review by Anchal / (Posted on 3/22/2018)
  • Very goood night cream. It enhances the skin glow and also repairs the skin overnight. I can actually feel the difference in my skin ever since I have started using this cream my skin which was dull and lifeless earlier has now become better and I have also received compliments on the natural healthy glow that this cream provides. Very happy and I highly recommend this!
    Review by Madhu Sehgal / (Posted on 3/5/2018)
  • it is an amazing product!! i love it. It is a must buy. Re freshens and rejuvenates the skin completely. seriously recommended
    Review by Shruti Singhania / (Posted on 2/2/2018)
  • Works well teamed up with the Serum, on uneven dry skin for day use.
    Review by Vandana / (Posted on 1/8/2018)
  • Weight Loss and rigorous workouts made my skin dull, loose with appearance of fine lines on forehead. Started using this six months back and I could not be more happy! This cream works wonders. It made my skin supple and reduced fine lines too! Visible results :) Worth every penny and one bottle lasts 6 months. Just ordered my second bottle! A happy FE customer.
    Review by Monika / (Posted on 12/12/2017)
  • Though I generally don't review products but bound to write for this one. Rigorous workouts and weight loss led to dull and loose skin with appearance of lines for me. Started using this exactly six months back and could not be more happy. It made my skin supple with visible glow. A little pricey but worth every penny and lasts six months. Just ordered my second bottle! A happy customer :)
    Review by Monika / (Posted on 12/12/2017)
  • This cream has an amazing scent and it is very refreshing, but you have to use quite a lot of it and the texture is a bit grainy. It gets over fast.
    Review by K K / (Posted on 10/13/2017)
  • Based on Sample received
    Even though I used this once , I was instantly impressed. I have a dry/combo skin type and because i wear makeup throughout the day I need a intensive moisturizing routine. This cream worked wonders on my skin. Its light, instantly penetrated and smelled
    Review by Gurpreet / (Posted on 3/11/2017)
  • The product delivers whatever it promises to do.I would recommend it to everyone
    Excellent product
    Review by JJ / (Posted on 1/31/2017)
  • The cream does what it says
    I feel blessed to have such an amazing Ayurvedic brand in India which delivers non toxic beauty products..I absolutely love this cream..I use it as a night cream and wake up with smooth n supple skin.It gives my skin a slight lift and fills up the fine lines a bit.i would recommend this to anyone who are looking for a non toxic beauty ritual
    Review by Priyanka / (Posted on 1/19/2017)

Media Review

    Makeup and Beauty

    "Overall, I’d say that this is one of the best night creams I have ever used. Although the label says that it would be suitable for all skin type, I personally wouldn’t recommend this to those with oily skin. I am not sure if this cream increases elasticity or not but it has definitely worked so beautifully for my skin. I look forward to see my facial skin every morning, and I love how it looks." Read more