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Traditional Beauty For The Modern Bride


Traditional Beauty for the Modern Bride

Traditional Beauty for the Modern Bride

Traditionally, in India the “Sola Shringar” or the sixteen arts of beauty and adornment were carried out on the bride, on the day of her wedding. These included anointing of oil and washing of the bride’s hair, polishing of her body and face with exfoliating, perfumed pastes, as well as applying nourishing face masques, all of which made for elaborate rituals.

Forest Essentials takes immense pride in celebrating the rich traditions of India and brings to you an all-encompassing bridal skincare ritual from centuries ago, in easy to use, delightfully scented, luxurious bottles and jars.


The bride’s body was first massaged with fragrant floral oils. Our range of body massage oils, are enhanced with pure, aromatic essential oils. These highly concentrated and fragrant oils are present in very minute quantities in certain plants and flowers, and they emanate delicate yet uplifting fragrances. Choose from the heady aroma of the Kannauj Rose, the sensual scent of the Madurai Jasmine flower to the woody fragrance of Mysore Sandalwood. A warm massage with any of these oils, flushes toxins from the body, tones and relaxes the muscles, and adds youthful lustre to the skin.

Ayurvedic body massage oil ingredients

Keshpash Sugandhi Karanam

Next came the hair massage with pure Sesame, Coconut or Almond Oil infused with herbs like Amla, Shikakai, Bhringraj, Neem and Japapatti. To this well-oiled hair, a paste of Shikakai, Nagarmoth and Kachura herbs was then applied as a hair masque of sorts. This was followed by a hair wash with Reetha, a herb that cleansed and conditioned the hair thoroughly.

To recreate this ritual, choose from our Bhringraj or Japapatti Ayurvedic herb enriched head massage oils. Massage with any of these oils leaves hair nourished, glossy, and lush. Follow with a hair wash using the brand’s sulphate free hair cleanser with Amla, Honey and Mulethi, as well as Reetha – a natural, nourishing cleansing agent.

Angraag Wilepana

During this step, a thin paste of Sandalwood was applied evenly over the face, neck and shoulders to tone, add glow and smoothen the bride’s skin. Apply the Forest Essentials Mysore Sandalwood and Nagkesar masque all over the face, neck and if preferred on the shoulders. This treatment is sure to leave you with an otherworldly, bridal Nikhaar.

sandalwood facial mask

Mangal Snanam

The winter bride was then bathed with rich, warming Almond oil while the summer bride’s bath comprised of fresh Rose petals mixed with cooling Khus. For this ritual today, you can choose from our collection of Bath & Shower oils. Take a small amount of the oil, after you have rinsed off soap or shower gel in the bath, and your skin is still wet. Massage the oil all over the body. Alternatively, the oil can be poured into the bath or a bucket for bathing, as per your preference. You can end this step by sprinkling some fragrant dusting powder over freshly dried skin, and finally, spritzing yourself with the Jasmine and Saffron body mist.

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