Struggling with the Winter Woes!
Not anymore!

“Nights of this season are amorous as they are chilled with the onsetof snow, further chilled by silvery moonbeams of the moon. These nights are ornamented with very silver clusters of cluttered stars.”
(Ritusamharam by Kalidas)

Winter, also known as Tusharkaal in Ayurveda ,is considered to be the best season associated creativity ,warmth and relaxation . However, there is a dominance of Vata when the weather turns cold and dry. The skin has a tendency to get de-hydrated and requires constant replenishment of moisture along with intensive care and nourishment.
While we generally do take care of our facial skin, body care sometimes takes a backseat. In such a context, the following recommendations will nourish and take care of your body skin during the winter season.

As a routine, exfoliate regularly with the Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose Body Polisher .This will leave your skin buffed up with a silken satin sheen .The Desi Gulab Essential Oil will hydrate and replenish moisture levels of your skin. This should be followed by a warm oil massage with Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil Eucalyptus and Black Pepper which will detoxify your body as the body tends to accumulate ‘ama’ or toxins. This needs to be done on a weekly basis with vigorous, long and flowing strokes.

Instead of a shower gel, use the super fatted Nargis Cleansing Shower Butter to gently cleanse your body during a warm shower. It melts at your body temperature to give a rich and creamy lather which not only gently cleanses but also leaves a mild fresh fragrance throughout the day. Soap lovers can try the delectable new Handmade Butter Soaps infused with Tender Coconut water, Avocado Butter and ‘rasas’ of succulent Litchis.

Do not forget to finish the ‘Snana’ or bathing routine with the Moisture Replenishing Nargis Bath and Shower Oil. If you have a very dry skin, you can nourish it by using the Cocoa Butter Velvet Silk Body Cream .Apply generously specially focussing on your arms, elbows and knee areas.

Winters bring a sense of joy, but it can sometimes make you lethargic. A warm herbal tea spiced with ginger, cinnamon or nutmeg and the spicy Oudh and Green tea Body Mist from Forest Essentials will help you kick start your day with renewed vigour.

According to Ayurveda, Diet and Lifestyle also play a significant role in taking care of your skin. Kapha and Vata Prakriti people need to more careful in this season. Warm water with dry ginger powder is must during late winters to avoid cold and coughs. Add a pinch of nutmeg to warm milk for a comfortable and relaxed sleep. One should avoid food and drinks which have pungent, bitter, astringent taste like olives and cold vegetables as they are cold & dry. Also avoid salads or other drying food such as chickpeas or dry lentils, during this season as all these will increase Vata.

Take care and enjoy a cosy and well nourished winter!!

Stay tuned for more on Ayurvedic Facial and Organic Hair Care product recommendations for winters in the next update.

Top 3 picks for the season:

- By Dr. Ipsita Chatterjee
Sr. Ayurvedic Beauty Consultant at Forest Essentials