The Healing Power of Flowers


The Healing Power of Flowers

“The human body is vapour, materialized by sunshine and mixed with the life of the stars.”

Flowers are natures way of decorating the earth in a wonderful expression of color and exquisite fragrance. Flower essences have always been a source of pleasure and happiness and can play an important role in promoting harmony in mind, body and spirit.

High up in the himalayas where the “Valley of Flowers” is traditionally resplendent with exotic flowers, a natural system of harmony evolved.

Ayurveda educates us of the the therepeutic value of flowers and is itself richly fragrant. Every aspect of treatment and therapy is infused with aromas, which emanate mostly from the essential oil content of the ingredients being used.

The science mentions that each flower has its unique signature scent or essence to attract insects or birds to pollinate it. These scents have traditionally been regarded for their healing powers. Inhalation of the aroma of flowers and the essential oils extracted from them is trusted to enhance well being and thus directly contribute to mental health.

Practical by nature, essential oils extracted from most flowers work for human benefit, not only emotionally and mentally but also physically - with problems we experience as a result of the weakening of the immune system. The oils are essentially nutrients for the soul as they help us on an emotional level.

Selecting the scents can in itself be a process of inner growth and awareness. From the timeless Rose, that nourishes and enhances feminity, uplifting the heart, evoking sensual bliss and bringing spiritual purity; to the joyful Mandarin blossoms, that not only banish depression but also uplift spirits and bring you joy; choose from our diverse range of Diffuser Oils and Room Surround sprays to experience the extraordiary power of these essences for yourself.