The Beginning of Beautiful Skin…



The Beginning of Beautiful Skin


A quick glance at one’s Insta feed reveals an array of quirky boomerangs, dolled up faces and sartorial chicness. From OOTD’s to #makeuponfleek, in an increasingly “out there” and seemingly narcissist world, there is no denying that at each minute of the day and from head to toe, it is almost necessary to just SLAY.

You may take note that shedding those extra inches on your waistline makes you fit that body con dress perfectly, but it’s quite the same logic that works for your face and makeup too! Flawless, skin as a base ensures that your foundation, contour and highlighter glide immaculately on to your skin, to leave you with the perfect look.

During your teenage years, your body undergoes many changes - both physical and emotional, the effects of which are most visible on your skin in the form of oiliness, break outs and pigmentation. If left unaddressed, these can affect long term damage to your skin. While makeup can be used to temporarily hide these unwelcome zits and blemishes, why not get at the root of the issue and stop them once and for all, for eternally clear, spick and span skin? Additionally, if you’re someone with skin that doesn’t experience major issues, remember prevention is better than cure and extra healthy glowing skin definitely won’t hurt!

Recall your grandma relentlessly pursuing you to apply onto your skin, homemade remedies on how to remove skin tan such as Turmeric and Neem paste, Rose water as the best face toner and to both apply pure Ghee onto your skin and to eat it, for that sheer glow. Well, we’ve taken their age old advice with 100% Authentic Ayurvedic formulations tested for over 6000 years, and other rare ingredients including freshwater Pearl, Ruby, and potent herb infusions, to curate the new line of unique creams.

The Forest Essentials Teenage Day and Night creams are specially designed to take care of specific skin concerns that arise during these very formative years of your life (and so that you spend little time finding the best light angle to click away those selfies!).

Eladi Teenage Day Cream

This Day Cream is enriched with precious ingredients including Eladi oil- with cooling and healing properties, Yashad Bhasma- a natural SPF 30, and Mukta Pishti - a fresh water pearl infusion which adds a natural radiance to your skin. It has an exceptionally light texture which allows your skin to breathe and regulate sebum production, while protecting it from environmental damage.

Use this as a part of your daily beauty regime, after cleansing and toning the skin for moisturized and naturally radiant skin.

Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream

The Kumkumadi Night Cream works miraculously when the skin is at rest. It consists of powerful Ayurvedic preparations of Kumkumadi and Manikya (Ruby) Bhasma which help to lighten pigmentation and clarify your skin, while the Desi Ghee, Sweet Almond oil and Shea Butter provide exceptional nourishment to your skin.

 Add this to your night beauty regime, after cleansing and toning the skin, for nourished and brightened skin.