The Art Of Shaving



The Art Of Shaving

Ancient sculptures of Indian men as clean-shaven or with intricately shaped beards, to archaeological excavations of well-designed copper and bronze razors, all point to grooming as central to Indian culture, since time immemorial.

In a culture highly influenced by the purification and cleanliness ideals of Brahmanism this comes as no surprise. Additionally, owing to its mostly tropical geography, India’s climate tends to be hot, humid and dusty throughout the year, which explains further the obsession with cleaning and grooming.

Interestingly, the barber or Nayee has been integral to forming a social institution in itself- the barbershop, which is unique to India. Nayees have for long belonged to hereditary clans and castes and have served various roles ranging from surgeons of battlefield injuries, messengers for Royal families as well as marriage brokers for arranged marriages.

For the average Indian, the street barber actually moonlights as a counselling therapist to whom one can vent all his problems to. Additionally, a radio playing Bollywood hits, a television showcasing a live cricket match and an on-call Chaiwala makes the barbershop the ultimate environment, conducive to socializing and of course a good wet-shave.  

At Forest Essentials we recognize that men, particularly in India, take their grooming very seriously and hence we deliver on the principle that men deserve the same focus and attention in terms of skincare that women have enjoyed for years. The key to good skin is to use the right products for the right skin type, be it men or women. 

According to the Ayurvedic text of Charak Samhita, the act of shaving- Kshaurkarma was an important part of the Din Charya or daily routine. The ancient book describes the art of shaving as being “Paushtikam, Vrishyam, Ayushyama, Shuchi” which literally translates to healthy, aphrodisiac, giving longevity and cleanliness.

Whether you choose to shave in the mornings or at night, start your shaving regime with the revitalizing and healing properties of fresh Sandalwood paste, Citrus extracts, Aloe Vera juice, Turmeric and tender Coconut water, blended in the Forest Essentials Facial Cleanser- Sandalwood and Orange Peel This gently deep cleanses the skin by removing excess sebum and impurities and leaves the skin perfectly matte, moisturized, clear and fresh to prepare for the shave.

It is hard to imagine any Indian grooming ritual without the use of Oil, why skip it in your Shaving regime? After cleansing, apply the Forest Essentials Pre-Shave Oil- Sandalwood and Orange Peel which hydrates, protects the skin and softens the beard to allow the blade to glide smoothly, with no skin irritation. 

Next, ensure you opt for a SLS/SLES free shaving cream instead of shaving foam so as to not strip the natural moisture of the skin. The Forest Essentials Sandalwood & Orange Peel Shaving Cream ensures exactly this, and gently soothes, moisturizes, lightens and brightens the skin. Its creamy lather helps to form a protective layer over the skin to improve razor glide and also provides hydration to prevent any irritation.

After the shave, ensure you rinse the face with a cool water. Finally finish your ritual with the Forest Essentials After Shave Spray- Sandalwood & Orange Peel which is specially designed to soothe and tone the skin after a shave. It contains calming extracts of Tulsi and Licorice to tone the skin and leave a cool soothing sensation. Furthermore, the fresh and purifying properties of Sweet Orange Peel and Sandalwood, combined with the moisturizing ability of Aloe Vera, refresh the skin for instant rejuvenation.