CSR for Forest Essentials has been the cornerstone of success from the time of inception. It has been in the DNA of the company to give back to nature, what we take from it which is also the very foundation of ‘Ayurveda’.

At Forest Essentials our CSR is extended in 3 approaches.



We do this by-

  • Deriving herbs from sustainable agriculture

  • Following environmentally friendly manufacturing and transportation

  • With focus on conservation & renewal energy

  • Renewing our community through local employment, suppliers

  • Following environment friendly waste management practices

For Forest Essentials, the process began at the very beginning with the establishment of the first manufactory at Lodsi, Uttrakhand. Today, our factory there is a social symbol today for the villages around us as it is the only factory at the locale which provides employment opportunities. The factory built amidst pristine surroundings of the Himalayas produces hand-made soaps, ubtans and extract cold pressed oils, all which are labour intensive. At Lodsi, our focus is centered on empowerment of women who are provided with employment and provided self sustenance, by even opening bank accounts in their name. Additionally, Forest Essentials assists the village with infrastructure to build schools to enhance education and to aid sourcing clean drinking water in nearby villages.

The brand’s acceptance and expansion led us to start a second factory in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, which is a world-class manufacturing facility with pharmaceutical grade production standards. A Green factory by design, our controlled manufacturing ensures that we deliver a sophisticated product that is conscientious about the environment. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and focus on using renewable plant sources in our products.