Rosewater: Your Summer Skin Solution



Rosewater: Your Summer Skin Solution

Rose or Desi Gulab is also known as ‘Taruni ’ in Ayurveda which means ‘unimaginably beautiful’.


Photo Credits: Ambica Selvam

Its gentle yet deeply hydrating properties make the Queen of Flowers – the velvet petalled Rose, suitable for even delicate skins,  by soothing and cooling them. Rose is truly a summer must-have.

Steam Distilled Desi Gulab essence is a natural astringent. It tones, diminishes fine lines and rehydrates the skin.


Steam distilled, naturally fragrant Rose water has always been an eminent feature of ancient royal families’ skincare rituals. Even today, it is widely used in high quality skin care for the best summer products.

Known as Gulab Jal in India, pure Rosewater has a wide array of benefits, among which are its anti-inflammatory, balancing and anti-oxidant properties. The floral water helps soothe, tone and moisturize the skin, and also moonlights as a good mixer that easily combines with different ingredients to suit the need of various skin types. Rose water helps balance out skin’s pH levels and brings them back to a normal of pH 4.5-6.2. This miracle ingredient also refreshes and hydrates the skin under the eyes to reduce puffiness.

Spraying Vitamin C rich Rosewater on dehydrated skin has an instant hydrating and cooling effect that makes it a summer-essential to protect skin cells from sun damage.  Fresh Rosewater is a widely used ingredient in many of our Ayurvedic skincare products. Choose from our lightly scented Body Mists, exfoliating Body Polishers and Delicate Facial Cleansers and pure Hydrating Gels.