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Intensive Eye Cream With Anise

Product Review (submitted on May 27, 2017):
I have been using this for 3 weeks now, and I believe I now qualify to express my views...I am someone who has been scratching my eyes or over 2 years with any eye care product I have tried, I have sensitive skin and I am allergic to almost everything. I chose this cream because I had tried another FE product that seemed to suit me and I really needed an eye cream.
Firstly, this suited me ... no irritation, no itching.
Secondly, almost fragrance-free which is a 5-star for me
And finally, I love the texture and it has certainly hydrated the skin around my eyes as promised in the product details. Also I find this value for money, though I did think a couple of times before spending the 2.2k, but honestly I've spent double on others ... most I couldn't use, one worked but was not something I could buy again and again. FE ... I have to use very very little, and no more dry and stretchy eyes, I think my 15g will last another 3 weeks and I'm using it twice daily as directed. Initially i was talking a glob and understood that I don't need so much... 5-stars from a happy user.