Start Early

For today's woman, health and beauty are the most crucial aspects which seem difficult to maintain given stressful lifestyles and changing weather. Though most of us are health conscious right from early childhood, skincare comes rarely to our mind .The alarm bell rings only when the first visible signs of ageing appear. Unfortunately when you realize the gravity of the concern, much damage has already been done to your skin! Dull, blemished, dry and dehydrated skin is the indication of imbalance and premature aging due to stress, poor habits, exposure to the environment, and of course, improper skin care.

It is difficult to go back to perfect skin so, START EARLY!

Preventive and restorative skincare initiative is the key to youthful skin. According to the Kashyap Samhita, the ancient scripture of Ayurveda, a woman is known as Yuwati from 13 years onwards. It is recommended that skin care should start at this age to be most effective through the years. As you enter womanhood, your skin undergoes many changes, much like your body. It is essential that we begin to take care of our skin now to have beautiful skin always.

Here are some quick tips to help all you beginners to understand skin care.

1. It is true there’s no shortcut! - Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. Twice everyday

The secret to proper cleansing is to get rid of all makeup, dirt, grime, and chemical pollutants; clear out clogged pores without also stripping away the skin’s natural oils and moisture. For that, use a mild SLS/SLES free cleanser during the day .For the night, use an Ayurvedic herb Ubtan to cleanse your face followed by an Alcohol free Steam Distilled Floral water toner for open pores and a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Salvation from the Savage Sun!

Don’t forget to wear a light SPF moisturiser to protect your skin from harmful Ultra violet Rays always.

3. Don’t Forget the R’s - Repair ,restore and Rejuvenate

A potent night cream which repairs, rejuvenates and targets premature ageing should be used regularly after make-up is removed at night.

4. Quirky Quick Fix Methods-A BIG NO!

Remember, there is no quick fix method for beauty. Avoid harsh chemical scrubs, lifeless lotions which plump your skin instantly but eventually will cause more damage in the longer run.

5. Nature is the best way to Nurture!

The skin is ALIVE! Chemicals cannot bring it back to life. Use beauty products made of “living” substances such as plants or their extracts as those prescribed by Ayurveda are balanced by nature and contain the vibratory energy that constitutes life. Pure, Fresh and Natural are still the best for your skin.

Looking for the right products to START EARLY?? Stay tuned for more in the next update.

- By Dr. Ipsita Chatterjee
Sr. Ayurvedic Beauty Consultant at Forest Essentials