Pitter Patter Monsoon - Do's and Dont's according to your skin type this season

After the dreaded season of sunburn, tan, and more heat, fresh drops of rain seem to be the most awaited possibility. As the weather changes, so does our skin and its concerns. Ayurveda reads that it is this season that causes the most imbalance in your dosha. To walk you through this season with minor changes in your skincare routines and lifestyle, here's a quick guide to must-do monsoon tips based on your skin type and Ayurveda- suggested diet.

Dry Skin

If your skin is already dry, during this season you can face further dryness. The reason for dry skin is the lack of skin repair vitamins. Drink plenty of water (holds true for any season). Cleanse your body from within and hydrate. Try not to drink very cold water.

To combat bacterial growth that monsoon brings with it, cleanse your skin with anti-bacterial cleansers containing neem or turmeric.

Use fresh, floral rose water preferably chilled. Dab it anytime on your skin for instant refreshment and hydration. Do not use alcohol-based toners.

Moisturize! For dry skin, moisturising can never be enough. Use a sunscreen-based moisturizer, even if the sun rays are not visible, as the harmful UV rays can do as much damage to your skin in monsoon as they could in summers. At night time, never go to bed without a night-repair anti ageing cream.

Oily Skin

  • The trickiest skin type to handle and during monsoons, there’s no relief as the oil production glands of your skin are in hyperactive mode. If oil, sweat and dirt get trapped in your skin, it will lead to breakouts, blackheads and pimples.
  • Get rid of all the excess oil from your skin by using an ubtan with yogurt to cleanse. Exfoliate! Take some steam to open your pores and then use a scrub to unclog pores, remove dead cells and blackheads/ whiteheads. Close pores with ice cold rose water.
  • Make a face masque of 2 tablespoons of besan, mixed with some raw organic honey and buttermilk. Leave the masque on for 15-20 mins and wash it off with warm water to dissolve all the excess oil. Alternatively, use the Narangi & Nagkesar masque which has already been premixed.

Combination Skin

As you have T-zone oily and rest of it dry, a little extra effort is needed to take care of your skin type to achieve perfect balance. Use the above combination of moisturizing your dry cheeks and oil-controlling methods on your oily sections. For your lips use a lip scrub before moisturizing.

Hair Care

As your scalp tends to get sticky and oily from getting wet in the rain, wash off your scalp with shampoo and dry it immediately. Natural SLES free cleansers remove excess oil from the scalp and are much better than chemical based to add natural shine and lustre with a touch of fresh fragrance. Avoid hair dryers as it dries all the moisture from your scalp, alternatively you can towel dry.

Make minute dietary changes and include herbal teas with lemon to maintain good health and warmth in the body. Low-fat food like multi grain Khichdi with some ghee builds immunity especially necessary during monsoons. Avoid street food even though it can be tempting. Spices like nutmeg, pepper, coriander help in digestion. And you must team these tips up with yoga, meditation, exercise with some light music to not become lethargic during this sleep-inducing season.

Customize your lifestyle, skincare regime and diet and cheat with an occasional rain dance to feel the joy of monsoon.

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- By Debapriya Ghosh
For Forest Essentials India