Essentially Yours!


Essentially Yours, is your preview into the world of authentic Ayurveda and all that goes behind it. You will see the different facets of pure, natural, seasonal skin care and good living through the eyes of the insiders.

Debapriya Ghosh, our in-house blog editor is a beauty-enthusiast and loves everything luxury. A young & ambitious professional, she brings with her, her Parisian-chic learning’s of the industry and her insight & passion for the Brand. She loves mixing healthy skin with shimmering make up, seasonal indulgence, diet and wholesome beauty.

Dr. Ipsita Chaterjee, Ayurveda & Beauty expert, reveals her knowledge of holistic healing from the Shastras. Accompany her in selecting the most precious ingredients from the most exotic places and join her on her interactive sessions at Forest Essentials.

Diviya Chawla, the magician behind all the artistic designs you see, is the Creative Director at Forest Essentials. An ardent painter and connoisseur of art, she loves vibrant and decadent colours and says the Indian essence of the brand is her inspiration. In her leisure time, she likes to sketch, and do some yoga.

Aastha Gupta, has spent over a decade in the luxury industry. She is a food lover, traveller and an advocate of natural flawless beauty. She takes you on a journey of DIY’s, Ayurveda secrets of skin, diet and hair. Her tips and tricks for everyday living, work and leisure will take you back to the era of Vedic beauty with a spice of modernity.

We all welcome you on board on this interesting and unique journey where ancient wisdom meets modern needs and aesthetics!