It has been our pleasure to introduce memorable gifting options at Forest Essentials. We appreciate your varied needs in gifting and bring to you a wide selection of beautifully designed gift boxes with diverse themes, that can be customized or bought pre-set.




Gift Giving

This festive season, start the year with our exquisite range of gift boxes in soft powder blues, dusky teal, muted oranges and delicate pinks. These are embellished with intricate gold and silver accents which take their inspiration from vintage Benarasi sarees.
These boxes with their precious contents wrapped in fragrant tissue lavishly tied with matched grosgrain ribbons leave you spoiled for any other experience.



  • Forest Essentials Gift Card 3100

    Forest Essentials Gift Card 3100

    Rs. 3,100

  • Forest Essentials Gift Card 5100

    Forest Essentials Gift Card 5100

    Rs. 5,100

  • Forest Essentials Gift Card 11000

    Forest Essentials Gift Card 11000

    Rs. 11,000




Build Relationships

Our gifting line up is developed on the idea on building and firming relationships. For occasions that can be as diverse as a ‘Thank You’ to your employee to ‘Shubh Deepawali’ , you can make varied choices from a wide array of gifting options in Skincare and Wellness. We’d be happy to assist you on customizing orders, based on a minimum quantity of 500 units.



Complete the Celebration

India’s cultural vastness and seasonal celebrations have always inspired us to create gifting options that have proven to be superior choices on several occasions. Select from a variety of gift options available at our stores or our website.



Make it Special

At Forest Essentials, we embrace the traditions of India. Valuable elements of a traditional Indian wedding such as Haldi, Chandan, Kesar and Ghee are also key components of beauty care, prepared by us in authentic Ayurvedic formulations. Weddings in Indian are significant occasions in the lives of a bride and a groom, celebrated with their families and guests. The inspiration of our elegant ‘Wedding Mementos’ is derived from the very significance of the various essentials of a traditional Indian wedding. We invite you to discover, what could be your personalised selection of mementos, luxuriously crafted and assembled to your friends and family, from the most exquisite assortment of Forest Essentials line of Skin Care, Beauty Care and Wellness.


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