Shabnam First Care

Shabnam First Care
Shabnam First Care

Healthy skin is beautiful skin !

This elegant sindoori red and sage green personal care kit provides a clean palette to begin prepping your skin.
Begin your day with a fresh, dewy and natural look drenched in hydration that gives you a soft glow.

It Includes:
Facial Tonic Mist Bela- 50 ml
Facial Cleanser Kashmiri Saffron & Neem- 50 ml

Rs. 775

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Product Benefits

Facil Tonic Mist: The skin requires a gentle boost after cleansing to rehydrate and tone it and prepare it for your nourishing routine : Facial Cleanser: It gently cleanses your face to remove surface toxins and exfoliates dead skin cells making it clean and fresh.

Special Ingredients

Anantmool Bela Nagkesar Neem Rose Saffron