Clean Beauty & Ayurveda



Clean Beauty & Ayurveda

In recent times, the “Clean Beauty” movement, has gained momentum. It propels the idea that skin care products should be non-toxic and unadulterated, without the use of ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, chemical sunscreens, and synthetic fragrance.


Interestingly, the most fundamental Ayurvedic standard for pure, fresh and natural is that “if you cannot eat it, do not use it on your skin”. In that sense, Ayurveda has pioneered the idea of Clean Beauty and that is, according to Forest Essentials, what makes Ayurveda the choicest and most relevant cosmetology today, in the modern age.


In creating treatments for skin, body, and hair, Forest Essentials follows the fundamental principle of pure, fresh, natural, organic and seasonal. Seasonal harvesting of rare and precious crops as well as plucking of nutritious herbs and fragrant flowers, ensures that ingredients are derived at their optimal potency and in their purest form, to impart vital nutrition, when used for skincare. 


Only naturally distilled pure essential oils, cold pressed, organically grown vegetable oils and plant extracts are used to prepare products. This is because plants and other botanical extracts, unlike chemicals and artificial substitutes, are full of the living, vibratory energy that constitutes life.


Our body knows how to effectively use these natural ingredients, as opposed to synthetic counterparts, which makes them the perfect food for skin.


Natural Foaming Agents Versus Sulphates

Our Hair and Facial cleansers as well as Sugar and Silk soaps all use natural foaming agents such as Corn Starch and Soap nut (Reetha), in place of SLS and SLES - which are known to be carcinogenic and strip off the natural moisture of the skin.


Natural Sun Protection Versus Chemical Sunscreen

Most sunscreen lotions available today are made with chemical carbon based compounds. These may make the skin more prone to pigmentation, irritation and even redness. Our Light day lotions, Soundarya Radiance Cream and Soundarya Beauty Oil all contain Yashada Bhasma (Zinc Oxide) which is a natural sun protecting factor of 25.

Pure Grain Alcohol and Floral Waters Versus Synthetic, Industry Alcohols

The fragrance market remains flooded with fragrances that are made from synthetic, aromatic ingredients. These fragrances may be strong and relatively more long lasting, however they are often made from a base of petrochemicals, harmful for your skin and health. Our range of Single Flower Parfum Intense and Body Mists are all made of natural flowers and herbs,  as well as fermented pure grain alcohol which is safe to use, and has a non-drying effect so as to not strip the skin of moisture – as other abrasive, industry alcohols do.

Each of these are prepared using traditional Deg or Bhabhka Yantras for the extraction of Steam Distilled Floral waters and Essential Oils in the same manner done centuries ago. The intense fragrances obtained from these traditional processes and natural ingredients are such that can never be completely replicated by synthetic alternatives.

All our products are handcrafted as per traditional methodology, in small batches, use carefully and locally sourced ingredients and thereby adhere to the highest standards of purity, authenticity and quality.

The result is a perfect fusion between ancient recipes and modern technology to create a whole new experience — Elegant, Luxurious Ayurveda.