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Why Oils Are the Best Investment for Your Skin?

oils are best for every skin type

One of the biggest misconceptions about oils is that they are only meant for dry skin types. In reality, even oily, acne prone skin can benefit from oils.


While the global trend in skin care has for long been to strip your skin of oils with cleansers and scrubs, in India a facial massage with oil has been a tradition followed by women for centuries. Applying oils to your face actually helps to balance the skin’s natural oil production, and prevents skin from producing extra oil that tends to lead to break outs.

Better yet, oils are replete with essential nutrients like fatty acids that help maintain moisture and enable the skin to defend itself from radicals and pollutants in the environment. They also penetrate deep into the skin, which makes them a great carrier ingredient in all your skin care products, helping your skin utilize all other ingredients more readily so that radiant, smooth skin is no longer a fallacy.

At Forest Essentials, oil is the common element in all of our products. It’s the miracle ingredient that brings to your creams, serums and cleansers a host of its own nutrients but also enhances the efficacy of all the other ingredients it is infused with.



Thanks to the trend of double cleansing, cleansing oils are all the rage now. As the first step before you actually rinse your face with a water or gel based cleanser, a facial cleansing oil works to dissolve out the bad oils including dirt, grime and makeup caught within the pores of your skin, that a water based facial cleanser will not be able to reach to.

To add to that, our floral make up remover cum cleansing oil also ensures your skin’s pH balance is not thrown off as it normally is using harsh facial cleansers. It contains Jojoba oil that has a very light texture and contains a fatty acid profile similar to human skin.

facial cleansing paste

If you’re not into double cleansing, you could simply use the Almond Cleansing Paste. It’s unique in that it contains both Shea and Pistachio butters - natural moisturizers that prevent your skin from becoming dry and flaky after cleansing.


If you’re keen on hydration (again all skin types should be), vitamin rich oils are what you should look for.They deeply moisturize without clogging your pores while also boosting cell turnover (renewal of fresh, new skin) and collagen production - perfect for ageing skin.

Soundarya advanced serum

Our Soundarya Facial Serum is a vitamin powerhouse with oils of Sweet Almond, pure Ghee, Sesame Seed, and Sandalwood. It’s an extra layer of moisture, before your moisturizer, which delivers potent nutrients to skin that is dry and sallow.

Combined with its lightweight serum texture, its rich oil base and 24 karat Gold Bhasma infusion, make this serum penetrate skin’s deepest, inner layers to bring maximum radiance results on to the outer, visible layer of your skin.


While skin problems may be infinite, often a common and gripping situation is dealing with acne. As we have seen, oils are often seen as acne prone skin’s greatest enemy yet light, citrus oils could actually be your skin’s hero!

Eladi teenage day cream

The Eladi Teenage Day Cream contains Grapefruit oil, a natural astringent that removes excess, unwanted oils and replaces them with its exceptional anti-septic properties to keep acne and breakouts at bay for a clear, glowing complexion in their wake.

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