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Travel Essentials


Travel Essentials

Today, within hours you can find yourself in different countries, climates, and time zones and while it is overall essential for your well-being to travel every now and then, special care must be taken to ensure your body and skin become seamlessly conditioned to the new, unusual environments of your far-flung destinations.

Whether you’re off to explore the mystical dunes of Dubai, the enticing backwaters of Kerala, or the serene hills of Darjeeling, try to customize your beauty bag to include must-have essentials tailored to your choice of destination.

Regal Refreshment

Travelling to a desert destination like Dubai or Rajasthan means facing extreme hot climatic conditions. For the day, make sure to apply a light day lotion with SPF, on the face and an ultra-rich lotion with natural SPF for the body to shield your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Also carry a deeply hydrating facial tonic mist such as a Rose or a Vetiver water mist – these provide the ultimate cooling quench to your skin in between camelback safaris and palace tours. On these visits, one is quite likely to experience a sand storm, hence end the day with a natural chemical free face cleaner such as one containing purifying anti-bacterial herbs that will help to rid the skin of any accumulated dust particles, and radicals.

Hillside Companions

A trip to the hills of Darjeeling is incomplete without a trek through the bountiful tea and spice plantations or for the adventure freaks – a trek to Sandakphu, the highest peak in West Bengal. Naturally, a day spent hiking could mean a whole lot of muscle and body pain, especially for travellers not accustomed to such rigorous activity. Carry a bottle of the Eucalyptus and Black Pepper Cold Pressed Oil. The Eucalyptus plant has for long been known to improve blood circulation, to relax the muscle tissues and alleviate stress as well as pain.

If you decide to set up a tent and camp out for the night, make sure to keep a mosquito repellent. What better than a natural repellent with herb infusions of Vetiver and Neem blended in the pure essential oils of Citronella and Lemon Grass, to keep mosquitoes and other bugs at bay?

Tropical Treats

Although most of us are aware that a good sunscreen is a must-have on a beach vacation, how many of us take out the time to fetch a water-resistant one? Moreover, did you know virgin, cold-pressed oil of Coconut or Sesame, makes for natural, waterproof sunscreen! Rub onto the skin before basking in the fresh splendour of the Kerala backwaters.

Follow with a bath, using a deeply cleansing body polisher containing Turmeric and Sandalwood – key ingredients for exfoliating and cooling the skin. And finally, apply a soothing and nourishing body lotion such as the Iced Pomegranate with Fresh Kerala Lime Ultra- Rich Body lotion – that leaves the skin smooth and supple, with a fresh, tropical scent.

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