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Skincare In Monsoon!


Monsoon Skincare Tips

Skincare In Monsoon!

Ayurveda believes that monsoon is the most unfavorable time for health as Dosha imbalances can leave their signs on one’s skin, overall health and well-being. By incorporating some minor changes in your daily monsoon skin care routine you can help keep your skin fresh and glowing. Use soap free cleansers and a good scrub to keep the skin moist. Always use an alcohol free toner, kept in the fridge and sprayed as often as required during the day. A miniature size is handy to carry in your bag.

Hair care in monsoon is also an essential aspect as the rain water can make your scalp oily, accumulate dirt and damage the texture making it greasy. Warm oil massages, using a suitable hair cleanser and conditioner best suitable for your concerns is of utmost importance.

A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are two essentials as the weather conditions shift drastically. Your meals should be cooked and ideally served warm, including your breakfast taken at regular times every day. Include ghee to boost immunity. Warm soups, stews, risottos, dals, rice, pasta or curry should be a part of your regular diet. Avoid all kinds of processed or fried, cold, raw or dry food.

Opt for herbal teas, hot water or warm milk spiced with cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg before bedtime is calming and will help with sleep. For the very first time, we have curated regimes for you that have been pre-set according to your skin types for this season.

Monsoon Skincare Tips

Regime for Combination Skin

The Facial Ubtan Soundarya mixed with yogurt deep cleanses your skin. Rinse off the ubtan and gently spray the Facial Toner Pure Rosewater allover your face. Apply a thin layer of the Light Hydrating Facial Gel Pure Rosewater to seal the natural moisture of your skin and follow it up with The Facial Treatment Masque Mysore Sandalwood & Nagkesar once a week to firm, tone and give your skin a radiant glow.

Monsoon Skincare Tips

Regime for Dry Skin

Cleanse your skin with the Facial Ubtan Roop Nikhar Gulab mixed with raw milk. Spritz some Facial Toner Pure Rosewater to minimize your pores. Pure Rosewater Gel with the base of Aloe vera soothes your dry skin and nourishment is provided by the rich Madhulika Honey Lep to be used once or twice a week.

Monsoon Skincare Tips

Regime for Oily Skin

Oily skin is troublesome in any season. Use the anti-bacterial facial cleanser Kashmiri Saffron & Neem. Keep in handy the Facial Tonic Mist Bela to hydrate and follow it up with Pure Aloe Vera Light moisturizing Facial Gel to void the chances of any breakouts. Mix the Facial Ubtan Multani Mitti with yogurt or a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice and use it as a pack to diminish any active acne.

- By Debapriya Ghosh
PR & Blog Editor




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