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Mineral Therapy for Skin

Minerals are micro nutrients which are essential for optimal health and well-being. Every part of your body, from your skin to your muscles to your nerves, requires minerals in order to function properly. While you may have thought that vitamins were more important, did you know that your body needs minerals to make use of vitamins?

When it comes to your skin, each mineral has its own individual role, but all of them are essential for your skin to repair damaged cells and tissue. A deficiency of just one trace mineral could result in different skin concerns.

Here are some important benefits that minerals can bring to skin:

1. Minerals are essentials for cellular nutrition through osmosis
2. They stimulate the production of the foundation of skin: collagen and elastin
3. Minerals help in skin detoxification
4. Maintain hydration levels of the cells
5. All minerals have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties


The usage of minerals for health, wellness and skincare is rooted in the ancient science of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, minerals have been used in the form of Bhasma, the smallest nano particle form of the mineral which becomes more bio available for the skin to absorb more readily. Mineral bhasma is widely used in Ayurveda for internal intake and external application on the skin as well.

At Forest Essentials, we use minerals to make Bhasmas and these sources of minerals undergo a series of processes to get converted into highly effective, usable, yet their most pure forms. These are purified by rigorous Ayurvedic methods including Shodhan and Marana to procure very refined nano particles of minerals – ultimately called Bhasmas, which is easily absorbable and very effective to address various skin concerns.

Five Ayurvedic Minerals for your Skin

Ayurvedic Minerals for your skin

1. Zinc – The Protecting Mineral

Zinc is a highly important element for the human diet whose deficiency can create myriad health concerns. When used in skin care, it reduces the oxidative damage to skin caused by free radicals which are the primary cause of aging processes in the skin. Zinc has also been found to accelerate the healing of damaged or blemished skin, and to have a protective effect on the skin from UV radiation.

How to incorporate Zinc in your diet and skincare?

In diet: If you suspect that you might not be getting enough Zinc in your diet, consider incorporating sea food such as crab and oysters, and dry fruits including cashew nuts into your meals, as these are some of the richest sources of dietary Zinc available.

In skincare: Forest Essentials Light Day Lotions (available in Indian Rose and Marigold, Madurai Jasmine & Mogra, Lavender & Neroli) and Day Creams (Soundarya Radiance Cream and Eladi Teenage Cream) are enriched with the natural Ayurvedic form of Zinc –Yashad Bhasma, which acts as a natural sunscreen and protects the skin from free radicals in the atmosphere.

2. Calcium- The Balancing Mineral

Found within the epidermis layer of the skin, Calcium is essential when it comes to the overall health of your skin, so important that a deficiency can lead to premature ageing. This is because Calcium is vital in maintaining daily skin functions including sebum (oil) regulation, lipid (fat) barrier function, cellular turnover and anti-oxidant production. A deficiency impedes the regular functioning of the same and hastens the aging process.

How to incorporate Calcium in your diet and skincare?

In Diet: Sesame seeds, Cashews, Almonds, dark leafy green vegetables, and Mushrooms, should be added to your diet to give you the necessary dosage of this mineral.

In Skincare: A daily natural dose of Calcium for your skin, the Forest Essential Eladi Teenage Day Cream is enriched with Mukta Pishti - a rare, purified freshwater Pearl paste infused in pure Rose water, the natural and purest source of Calcium, and is specially designed to regulate sebum production, balance and hydrate it, while protecting the skin from environmental damage.

3. Gold – The Illuminating Skin Mineral

The benefits of gold have been recognized for thousands of years in ancient science of Ayurveda, for its beautifying, brightening and healing properties and it is known as “The Key to Youth”. It slows down the collagen depletion, increases skin's elasticity, lightens the skin's complexion, stimulates the cells making the skin firm, improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging, wrinkles, tanning etc.

How to incorporate Gold in your diet and skincare?

In Diet: There are no common food items rich in Gold that one can actually consume orally. However, Gold Bhasma, is an integral part of various Ayurvedic Rasayanas (rejuvenators) that you can feed your skin!

In Skincare: Forest Essentials 24 K Gold infused Soundarya range of skincare products is the definitive range that lends its purest and natural form of Gold deep within the skin. The entire Soundarya range is infused with a powerful combination of 24 karat Gold Bhasma, potent herb infusions, nourishing roots, unprocessed and concentrated plant oils and pure Cow’s Ghee.

4) Copper – The source of antioxidants

Copper is the main component in the production of Melanin (a pigment that determines the color of your eyes, hair and skin) in our bodies. Melanin protects skin from sun damage, such as sun burns and tan. In addition, Copper also aids in the production of new cells at the top most layers of your skin. The regular replenishment of new cells is what results in smooth, blemish free and clear skin.

How to incorporate Copper in your diet and skincare?

In diet- Foods like Sesame seeds, Cashews, Almonds, dark leafy green vegetables, and Mushrooms, should be added to your diet to give you the necessary dosage of the mineral. Along with dietary sources, drinking water stored in Copper overnight, early in the morning, is very effective to kickstart your day and healthy functioning of your body’s cells and skin.

In skincare- Several Forest Essentials skincare products imbibe the benefits of Copper during their meticulous preparation. Our collection of Ayurvedic Hair Care Products, exquisite Soundarya Facial Serum and Made SafeTM certified Mother’s Stretch Mark Oil are prepared with herbal pastes that are heated, simmered and stored in copper vessels - which impart their own nutritional properties to each of the formulations.

5) Magnesium --The Detoxifying Mineral

Magnesium is an anti-stress and de-toxifying mineral. It is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. How it helps in managing stress is by lowering the cortisol (stress hormone) levels, stabilizing hormonal imbalances and improving the cellular processes of the body. By inhibiting stress, Magnesium thus helps in preventing acne and blemishes on the skin and helps improve the skin’s overall complexion.

How to incorporate Magnesium in your diet and skincare?

In Diet: Dark green leafy vegetables, Fish: Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna, Avocados, Figs, Prunes, Raisins, Apricots, Bananas, nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans & lentils, are all good sources of Magnesium.

In Skincare- The Forest Essentials Body Polisher Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose is the perfect body scrub for stimulating, exfoliating and polishing the skin. It’s recipe includes a key source of Magnesium – Sea Salt, which not only buffs the skin from its surface but also imparts Magnesium’s detoxifying properties for youthful and fresh looking skin.

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