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First Beauty Ritual By Forest Essentials

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Tejal Balancing Water

First Beauty Ritual

In Ayurveda, Ushapana is the first drink of water after one awakens from a night of deep sleep, which signals the body to stimulate and rejuvenate its cells, and prepare it for healthy functioning through the day. The philosophy and wisdom behind the ritual of Ushapana, is embodied in our new facial treatment duo, Rasa Activating Serum and Tejal Balancing Water.

Rasa Activating Serum

Rasa Activating Serum is a boost of hydration that balances, stimulates and rejuvenates the skin.Applied immediately after cleansing, this lightweight serum effectively permeates the skin to deliver a hydrating blend of active botanicals. Charged with brightening Mulethi, cell turnover boosting Priyngu seed ,hydrating Neel Kamal seed and glycolic acid rich Sweet Potato extract, Rasa Activating Serum leaves the skin exceptionally buoyant, smooth and radiant.


Rasa Activating Serum Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials Tejal Balancing Water

Tejal Balancing Water

Tejal Balancing Water immerses skin in a film of humectants and nutrients to allow skincare that follows to be deeply absorbed in the skin. This gel based, rich velvet-textured toner restores skin's lost pH balance after cleansing, by delivering lasting hydration at a deep cellular level. A powerful blend of botanical extracts, including moisturising Soya Bean seed, Hyaluronic Acid rich Sweet Potato and anti-microbial Chaulai leaf, optimizes and prepares skin to receive skin care applied right after, and makes Tejal Balancing Water an essential priming step in your beauty ritual.


Discover The First Beauty Ritual By Forest Essentials

How to do First Beauty Ritual by Rasa Activating Serum and Tejal Balancing Water

After cleansing but before you moisturise



  1. How Tejal - balancing water is different from other toners?
    Ans. Tejal is a gel based toner which works in conjunction with the Rasa serum for deep hydration.
  2. What is Hyaluronic acid?
    Ans. Natural hyaluronic acid is derived from sweet potato which is a powerful humectant or moisture binding agent, which attracts moisture and seals it into the skin. This helps to keep the skin plump, hydrated and youthful.
  3. What is PH? What is the correct PH of the face?
    Ans. PH is used to quantify acidic or alkaline nature. Skin’s optimal pH ranges from 4.5-6.2 and it can be thrown off by cleansing. The Tejal Essential water restores the PH balance of the skin.
  4. When to use Tejal in your beauty regime?
    Ans. It is suggested to be used in a daily skin care regime. After cleansing your face, use Rasa Activating serum followed by Tejal Balancing water to prepare your skin for moisturising. Next, use your moisturizer as usual.


  1. What does activating serum mean?
    Ans. Activating serum is the first and essential step in your daily beauty regime.
  2. What is Rasa Activating serum?
    Ans. It is the first leave-on step in your routine. Just as the first drink of water in the morning is considered to be life giving as it optimizes body functioning for the day, the Rasa Activating Serum is the first drink of water for your skin. It activates dehydrated skin cells and aids in the regeneration process.


  1. Why is it important to use Rasa with Tejal?
    Ans. Because Rasa helps to activate the skin’s hydration levels whereas Tejal absorbs deep into the skin to restore pH imbalance and prepare your skin for the next step in your beauty ritual. These skin care products are designed to work in synergy for optimum results.
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