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Auspicious Lakshmi Puja Oil For Peace & Prosperity

भोदीपब्रह्मरूपस्त्वं ज्योतिषांप्रभुरव्यय: ।।

आरोग्यंदेहिपुत्रांश्चमत:शांतिं प्रयच्छमे ।।


“O lamp of Divinity, you are the form of the absolute truth. You are full of radiance. You never fade. Please bestow on me good health and prosperity.”

The festive season is upon us and it’s all about light, sparkle and brightness, as symbolized by the auspicious Diyas lit across Indian households at this time of the year. It is believed that the light of the lamp fades away all negativity, bestows knowledge, and brings in wealth, health and prosperity.

In “light” of the festive nip of this season,we have curated a limited edition Lakshmi Ji Puja Oil gift set available exclusively across Forest Essentials stores and the website.

The gift set contains a traditional Puja Oil, which is prepared with organic unrefined cold pressed oils, pure essential oils and pure Desi Cow's Ghee, in precise proportions prescribed by the ancient Vedic scripts to invoke peace and prosperity when used during Pujas. Each of these ingredients have their own spiritual significance which when combined in this divine Puja oil and lit in a Diya, invoke an atmosphere of purity, concentration and harmony.

Lakshmi Ji Puja Oil

A Deep Dive into the Special Ingredients of the Lakshmi Ji Puja Oil:

Pure Desi Cow’s Ghee- Ghee has a crucial place in fueling the lamps. The combination of ghee and fire is said to produce very positive spiritual energy.

The Vedic Shastras note that a lamp lit with pure Cow’s Ghee attracts the aura of Kubera - the God of wealth and power. The Ghee also attracts Satvic or the purest vibrations from the atmosphere, to evoke a calm, peaceful and enlightened state of mind.

Cold pressed Black Sesame Oil: Known to dispel negative influences and to ward off evil, Black Sesame Oil is also believed to please all the Gods when it is offered through Puja.

Virgin Coconut Oil: Coconut is the favourite food of Lord Ganesha, it represents the philosophy that despite obstacles in life, the sweet fruit on the tree is the result of endeavor and effort. Offered during Diwali Pujas, this oil symbolizes the sweet beginning of the new year ahead.

Mahua Oil: This precious oil signifies the creation of wealth. Extracted from the Mahua tree, the Oil is known as “Illuppai ennai” and is said to free one from debt by evoking the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Camphor: Widely used in several religious ceremonies across India, this ingredient burns without leaving an ash residue, symbolizing higher consciousness.

Basil Oil: Basil is one of the most sacred herbs in Hinduism, known to bring good luck. Basil Essential Oil comes with a purifying aroma that invigorates the mind brings positive energy in the environment. It’s no wonder that you’ll find this planted in the garden of most Indian households.

Cardamom Oil: An exceptional calming and de-stressing agent.

Clove Oil: To warm and purify the environment.

How to use the auspicious Lakshmi Ji Puja Oil?

Pour Oil into the Diya that comes as a part of the gift set. Soak the cotton wick into the oil and light. Alternatively, the oil can also be used in a diffuser burner for a warm, fresh purifying fragrance.

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