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A Natural Herb Infused Multi-Tasking Mosquito Repellent

Herb Infused Mosquito repellent

The eagerly awaited Monsoon season comes as a relief after the extreme heat but also opens its doors to unwelcome mosquitoes.

Did you know, herbs are naturally wonderful at repelling unwanted insects and attracting beneficial ones. Just by growing certain herbs like lavender, mint and sage, you can repel mosquitoes.

So, instead of going the chemical route with most insect repellents available in the market today, there are various Ayurvedic herbs, and natural essential oils that can help in preventing these troublesome monsoon menaces. Herbal extracts, including Neem and Citronella, have been used for centuries in India, for this reason.

While finding these pure and fresh ingredients might seem like a luxury in today’s day and age, the 100% natural Forest Essentials Herb Infused Mosquito repellent brings you exactly these in an easy to carry bottle. This Ayurvedic body care product is easy to use and is one of the best Mosquitod Repellents available in India today.

What is the Herb Infused Mosquito Repellent?

This herb infused spray is an Ayurvedic water based formulation made with pure steam distilled herbs including Lemon grass, Citronella essential oil, Vetiver, Tulsi and Neem extracts to repel mosquitoes. The sharp, fresh fragrance from the herbs and essential oils refreshes the senses with their natural mood uplifting aromas.

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Benefits of the Ayurvedic Herbs used in this Natural Mosquito Repellent:

  • Citronella is a grass that has a rich, crisp lemony aroma. Its Essential oil works as an anti-septic as well as a natural mosquito and insect repellent.
  • Lemon grass is a tall, perennial grass with a citrusy aroma, which makes it refreshing and mood uplifting for us but a deterrent for mosquitoes. Especially when paired with Citronella, Lemon grass is a highly effective mosquito repellent.
  • Neem is purifying and healing. The herb contains compounds that emit an aroma which in turn wards off mosquitoes. In fact, applying a blend of Neem and Cold Pressed Coconut Body Massage Oil onto the skin helps to keep mosquitoes at bay, and is an old Ayurvedic remedy.
  • Tulsi- Also known as the “Holy Basil”, Tulsi leaves effectively destroy mosquito larvae, thereby reducing the chances of mosquitoes breeding. You can plant holy basil plants in your balcony or in your garden, or simply spray the Forest Essentials Herb Infused Mosquito Repellent as a natural insect repellent spray.

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Tips on How to Use the Herb Infused Mosquito Repellent

1) This is mild, 100% natural and effective, and therefore can be used on infants and children.

2) It does not contain any artificial colours or fragrances, and does not stain clothes.

3) The repellent is a multi-tasker: you can also use it as a refreshing room freshener and a natural Body Mist.

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