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5 Beauty Tips To Look Beautiful On Your Wedding



5 Beauty Tips to look Beautiful on your Wedding

Wedding bells ringing? Beyond the exhaustive wedding functions and festivities, are the ultimate bridal beauty tips that every bride-to-be swears by! To look her picture perfect while walking down the aisle soon, she goes through a lot of choices to achieve a glowing skin - from bridal magazines to Pinterest wedding inspiration boards. The anxiety to look her best seemingly never ends.

Well, look no further! Amidst the abundant choices, Forest Essentials provides a chemical free, organic Ayurvedic bridal beauty regime to tap into the inner radiance of the soon to be brides by offering Rasayana Chikitsa – a holistic healing therapy for the mind and soul. The ancient recipes of Ayurveda are therapeutic and include a well-balanced diet, dosha or skin revitalizing massages and herbal blends that repairs skin at deeper cellular level.

The icon of Mughal royalty, Noorjehan Begum, who owns India’s Beauty Hall of Fame, mastered the art of blending scents and followed meticulously recorded rituals for her beauty regime. Forest Essentials presents the exquisite Noorjehan Collection as an ode to the connoisseur herself who personified beauty and opulence, for the brides-to-bewho can enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

Indulge your skin with the Noor Pure Indulgence collection that has a pre-set assortment of facial products. This ‘farm to face’ collection leaves a lingering aroma of bracingly fresh botanicals! Following are a few hand-picked products to get your bridal glow alive!

1. Exfoliate and radiate

While you may be in romantic never land, Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub works morning till night to make your summer-to-fall skincare transition seamless. This facial scrub uses fermented fruit along with other natural plant extracts to nourish & exfoliate dead skin cells. Regular usage of this product can help speed up the skin regeneration process, boosting circulation and revealing a beautiful glow.

2. Wake your face up

Encourage a cellular turnover by including Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater in your daily cleansing ritual to exude a brighter complexion while a deep cleaning experience, without stripping your skin off of its natural oils. The hydrating formulation balances the pH level of the face, offsetting dry skin with generous doses of humectant including raw honey, fresh lemon and steam distilled rose water.

3. Hydrate and repair

The excitement and elevated stress of the wedding can take a mental as well as physical toll on your beauty! Post-cleanse, prime your canvas with the Facial Toner Pure Rosewater to help it penetrate deeply beneath the epidermis. Spray a chilled garden-scented cloud to hydrate your face as well as to re-touch your foundation by lightly dabbing it in.

Feeling generous? Don’t let rough dull skin ruin your radiance as the temperature drops. Facial Nourishing Cream Sandalwood & Saffron moisturizes and replenishes skin and targets pre-mature ageing. A skin blurring concoction, this facial cream fixes prominent crow’s feet and open pores to give you a flawless super natural finish.

4. Offset that tan

Discovering just the right kind of lightweight SWF-spiked body lotion—one that smells great, melts right into the skin and can last through the eventful day of fun and festivities—is a wondrous thing indeed! The Soundarya Body Lotions with SPF seeps into the skin easily, leaving it smooth and supple without feeling greasy. The lotion also has 24 Carat Gold Bhasma that radiates and makes the skin glow.

5. Pucker up and slather on

A lip balm in the frantic life of brides-to-be, is the simplest beauty staple that actually makes packed mornings easy to glide through! Luscious Lip Balm Sweet Narangi Juice quenches and softens dry and chapped lips and also doubles as a vitamin-infused zesty lip primer for your entire spectrum of lipstick hues and for the deep-freeze season ahead.


Set hearts aflutter with this season’s official bridal beauty obsession! – Noor Pure Indulgence.


Ready, Set, Glow!





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