A New Skincare Routine for the Season of Vata



A New Skincare Routine for the Season of Vata

“Nights of this season are amorous as they are cold with the onset of snow, further chilled by silvery moonbeams of the moon. These nights are ornamented with very clusters of very silver stars.”

-Ritusamharam by Kalidas

We all stand to benefit from aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature throughout the year. Ayurveda considers a seasonal routine an important cornerstone of health.

Winter is known as “Vata season” because it is marked by some of the same qualities that characterize Vata: cold, dry, light, clear, and moving. If our lifestyle mirrors these qualities, we risk depleting our Ojas or the “fluid of life”. But if we introduce the opposing qualities, we can revive our Ojas.

When it comes to skincare, most of us tend to put more emphasis on thes face than on the rest of our body but keeping skin looking radiant from head-to-toe can also go a long way toward helping you look healthier and feeling more confident.

Vata regulates the levels of moisture in the body, so if you do not keep your Vata balanced, you might notice dry, flaky skin, brittle hair and nails.  Given here are some suggestions that will help you maintain velvety smooth skin from the neck down during the cool, crisp winter months ahead.


Step into a warm, relaxing shower and begin by cleansing your body. An ideal pick for this season is the Nargis Cleansing Shower Butter. Owing to its rich and creamy consistency, it deeply nourishes and cleanses your skin leaving a mild lingering fresh fragrance throughout the day. Soap lovers can try the exquisite new Gulab Jal Hydrating Silk Soap. This soap is enriched with fresh, deeply scented desi rose petals that lend intense moisture to the skin. Winter is the best time of year to nourish the skin, because it is dryer and more receptive during this cold season.

A crucial and an often missed step to add to your winter skincare ritual is an Exfoliator. The Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose Body Polisher makes a great choice as it imparts unrivalled smoothness and a dazzling radiance to your skin. The Desi Gulab Essential Oil will hydrate and replenish moisture levels of your skin.

Do not forget to finish the ‘Snana’ or bathing routine with the Moisture Replenishing Nargis Bath and Shower Oil. Oils seep into the skin and penetrate to the deepest layer of skin, thereby providing smoothness and increased elasticity, while the skin is still damp.

If you have a very dry skin, you can further nourish your skin by using the Cocoa Butter Velvet Silk Body Cream. Apply generously focussing on your arms, elbows and knee areas.

Winters bring a sense of joy, but it can sometimes make you lethargic. A warm herbal tea spiced with ginger, cinnamon or nutmeg and the spicy Oudh and Green tea Body Mist from Forest Essentials will help you kick-start your day with renewed vigour.

According to Ayurveda, your Diet and Lifestyle too play a significant role in determining the health of your skin. Kapha and Vata Prakriti people need to be more careful during the winter season. Warm water with dry ginger powder is must during late winters to avoid cold and coughs. Add a pinch of nutmeg to warm milk for a comfortable and relaxed sleep.

One should avoid food and drinks which have a pungent, bitter and astringent taste. Avoid cold salads or other drying food such as chickpeas or dry lentils, during this season, as they tend to increase Vata.

Armed with the above handy tips, you are sure to welcome winter with open arms.