5 Make Up Tricks That Will Ensure Good Skin

We cannot deny the fact that we all love color cosmetics, especially during the festive and wedding season. From playing with your mother’s make up box when you were little to still pouting to apply your blush. Using a lot of makeup, for a long duration of time, clogs your pores and then leads to breakouts or rough and dry skin. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to lay a healthy foundation of good skin and then play with colors. With Forest Essentials products which are the best food for your skin you can mix some color and combine healthy skin with makeup. Here are 5 ways in which you can use your favorite natural Forest Essentials products with essential makeup wear for everyday.

  • Base:

    Pre-moisturizer Sanjeevani beauty elixir, made of infused Sanjeevani buti and Ashwagandha, gives your skin a new life (as the name suggests). Take a pump of this silken pure cream and apply evenly over your skin. As the cream gets absorbed in your skin, it revives the skin from within by boosting the collagen level which plumps up your face. Over this, apply your foundation or BB cream and your skin is protected from all harsh chemicals.
  • Eyes:

    The second most important step of any look is the 'eyes'. Smoky, nude or pastels, eye shadow pigments brighten your eyes and give you a look of confidence. With colorful dry pigments, use our light hydrating hydra gel and add some pigment eye shadow to it. Mix it with a brush and dab it on your eye lids for the pigments to stay in place all night at a party. Plus the Aloe Vera gel cools and soothes your eyes.
  • Lips:

    Lipsticks can make your lips very dry and chapped. Use the lip scrub made with fine cane sugar granules to remove chapped lips and lighten pigmentation. Thereafter apply a non-fragrant Kokum Butter & Honey lip balm and wait for a minute for it to be soaked in. You can then apply any lipstick shade of your choice and your lips will be naturally glossy.
  • Body Shimmer:

    Oh how much you would long for a classic sun tan or shimmer on your body just before a party. Use a bath and shower oil directly on your body after a bath and then pat dry it with a towel. Regular use of this leaves your body scented and adds a natural sheen. If you are wearing a deep cut for a party, take two drops of the oil and spread it all over for some instant shimmer.
  • Make Up Remover:

    Do not go to bed without removing your make up. On a wet cotton, take two drops of our Make Up Remover oil and cleanse your smudge proof and water proof make up. In the process, this oil also helps in conditioning your eye lashes. A complete natural make up regime.

- By Debapriya Ghosh
For Forest Essentials India